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Attaching foot pegs to a Wenonah Graphite Wee Lassie Canoe

For what it's worth, I installed footbraces in my Wenonah OC-1 using standard pop rivets 40 years ago, and they're still secure with no cracks despite some pretty traumatic usage.
Charlie Wilson used to recommend Plexus, available from Jamestown Distributors and other sources. He said that's what Placid and Swift use to glue Keeper and Slidelock footpegs to the inside of hulls.

I epoxied strips of wood to the hull inside my SRT and screwed metal Wenonah foot bar tracks to the wood.

One option is to epoxy 10-24 studs to the inside of the hull with G-glex at the location you want to mount the pegs. Available from Chesapeake Light Craft

Before mounting the rails, I prefer to impart a bend that matches the contour of the hull. Pressure, heat and time; this prevents any distortion of the hull as the rails are drawn tight.

footbrace bending.jpg