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    Repairing, cleaning and waterproofing a Nesmuk Woods canoe pack video

    Pretty scary, seeing all that wax melting in a shallow frying pan, with open flame, inside a building !
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    Does anyone have a canoe set up with a rowing rig ?

    Chestnut guide special with wooden rowing platform
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    Ever see a 10 piece canoe?

    Link Canoe Gananaoque Ontario
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    Canoe Tripping Fundraiser & Raffle

    I will donate these two books. Bob
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    The History of Blue (originally green) Barrels

    When I first met Wally Schaber in Ottawa in the early 1970s' he invited a group of canoe trippers to his parents home and demonstrated, on the dining room floor, waterproofing duffle with a 4 x 10 foot sheet of 4 mil plastic wrapped up around your sleeping bag and extra clothes tied up and put...
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    Chestnut Canoe For Sale might be GU

    Chestnut guide specials were also close-ribbed.
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    Canoe form value

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    Chestnut 17ft cruiser canoe for sale

    wood-canvas canoe for sale in Canada. I'm only about 5 miles from Trent University where the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Assembly took place. All materials to put together again included for $1500 Canadian.(pretty cheap to US buyers!)
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    Canadian Canoe Museum 2017

    I live only 5 miles from Trent University; too soon to make firm plans this early, but I might be able to provide some accomodation next July.
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    Poll: How many canoes and kayaks do you now own?

    Four - Chestnut cruiser 17', Chestnut lightweight 11', Grumman 13', Voyageur 12'. Bob
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    What to do with this label

    100 years ago a lot of paddlers did not weigh between 220 and 300 lbs They did not need such deep canoes. Bob