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    The Last Guide

    Hope this wasn’t posted some place else, if it was, it is well worth rewatching. Google YouTube’s video “The Last Guide” a story about Canada’s Algonquin Park fishing guide Frank Kuiack. I don’t know how to post links from my smarter than me phone. My old lap top is laying over in the corner...
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    Who sleeps on the the newer light cots?

    I have slept on military style cots, with a nice cushy pad. Never more than a couple hundred yards from some form of mechanical transportation or a no portage trip. I still like sleeping on a good pad on the ground, but like the old dog that I am, I spend a long time finding the perfectly...
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    New to me, tea

    Last week the lid on my old Brown Betty Tea Pot took a header onto a hard tile floor. Tried to glue it together, it worked, but not good, I could taste the JB weld in the tea. My bride told me she had seen a Brown Betty in a health food place in town. I found a new and slightly bigger Brown...
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    20 Says after Winter Solstice

    Today in interior Alaska we have 1 hour and 6 minutes of day light more than we had on the Winter Solstice. We will gain 17 more hours of daylight by the Summer Solstice.
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    BWCA Nina-Moose Lake

    Some thing to think about, before you go on a canoe trip in the North Woods, where sometimes winter comes early. When I started reading I just knew it was somebody we would all know.
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    Toward The Source: An Arctic Odyssey

    Spent an enjoyable rainy evening watching a hour long Public Television program on our local PBS. A inner spiritual and physical journey up the Yellowknife River to the source. Got to see some beautiful country, saw twins to my my bug shirt, old Sigg pots and a Bill's Bag in use too. I also...
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    Does Ole Woodsman Fly Dope Work

    In August before the killing frosts get to them we get a gnat called White Socks at eat big bloody holes in me. Mosquitoes don't bother me much, I seldom have to use deet for them, however the little gnats are a different story. I am wondering if the made in Maine, Ole Woodsman Fly Dope works or...
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    Robin's move

    Robin........ I googled Appleton Maine to see what part of the world you are moving to. First map on google maps that popped up, showed Robbins Lumber, when I clicked on them I saw all the beautiful White Pine products that can be bought. I have long enjoyed reading about all the outdoor things...
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    Yukon Quest

    Not canoe tripping, but does involve some winter camping. This is for those of us that have spent time on the Yukon River or are just arm chair dog mushers. Follow the dog race that started Saturday Feb. 1 in Fairbanks Alaska and ends in Whitehorse.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful people on this Forum that are lucky enough to live in the Country between the Lower Forty Eight and the Northern 49th.
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    Book I want to get my hands on

    Forty some years ago, near Rampart, on the Yukon River while monitoring the Upper Yukon Commercial Salmon Fishery, my coworker and good friend Fred and I saw a red canoe drifting in the current. As we drove our jet boat closer, we could not see anyone in the boat. Thinking that someone had lost...
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    Keewaydin duffel bag

    I would like to put together a Keewaydin duffle bag as outlined in the book The Keewaydin Way. I understand how to make the bag, measurements are simple 14 inches in diameter by 36 inches long. The part about a 12 inch long inner throat is what stymies me. I don't claim to have read the whole...
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    Something to think about

    Saw this on the news feed this afternoon. Canotrouge living in that area will maybe keep us informed. I would be interested in the necropsy of the bear. I've seen grizzly bear tracks in snow around my homestead, not every year, but some. We have had a mild fall and a early winter, any bear that...
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    How to refubish a Cold Handle Skillet

    I have gotten a couple of Cold Handle skillets, I know how to get the rust, burned on grime & crud off (oven cleaner, wash, then soak in white vinegar). I need to know how to get the bottom flat and the dents from hard knocks of life smoothed out? Once I get that done I will re-season it in the...
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    Wanted SS Trekker Kelly Kettle or a MKettle

    I am interested in getting a gently used stainless steel Kelly Kettle Trekker or a MKettle with the neoprene sleeve. I am only interested these two, as they are the correct size for day tripping fishing outings, where I like a little mug-up in the slow part of the fishing day. I bought a New...
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    New to me, canoe gun

    I have been very happy with a Savage 24C Campers Companion .22/ 20 gauge over/under for my annual or semi annual brook trout, ruffed grouse, camp & canoe trips, that I take in Northern Minnesota. Last fall I took my beautiful full stock 375 H & H Sako rifle with me and traded it away to a mid...
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    So, which is best.............

    So, which is best logging in every time just to read, or just browsing, without logging in? I currently never log in unless I have something to add to the discussions. I read most ever new post every morning with my coffee cup in one hand.
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    I like tea too

    I start the day with more than a few cups of coffee with a couple of coffee breaks and coffee with lunch, but the 1/4 English blood in my veins likes a spot of tea in the late afternoon. My current day in day out brand of is Typhoo Tea. It is a nice strong black tea without being bitter. Tea...
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    My new coffee kettle & cups

    When I saw a picture of a Saami (formally called Lapp) using a kettle with a short socket on one side, with a long sapling whittled and forced into the socket to brew up a pot of coffee away from the heat and smoke of a fire I thought, I want one. I looked long and hard, I found what I was...
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    Maine Hunting Shoe

    For the last forty-five some years I have been wearing Bean Boots for the majority of my outdoor pursuits, personal and professional. I have wore them until the bottoms were smooth and thin and then sent them back to the company in Maine for re-soling. When I worked for Alaska Dept. of Fish &...