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  1. Paddlinhal

    What went wrong?

    Beautiful day, 72 degrees. 8 pumps of resin, hardener ran out after 4 or 5 pumps. Got out a new jug and finished the job, though now not exactly sure of the mix ratio. 10 minutes into the job it gets real hot in my hand and actually starts smoking. You can see the result. So was it a bad mix or...
  2. Paddlinhal

    Missed it by that much..

    A local outfitter has apparently had a pretty shiny MR Outrage for sale for $500 for over a year. I inquired yesterday and it just sold. Certainly solves having to explain to my wife why I need a seventh canoe.
  3. Paddlinhal

    North Water lacing d rings

    My buddy got these odd looking plastic d rings in his float bag kit. He wants to mount them on his vinyl gunwales, but how? To the underside? They fit behind the gunwale but I don't see a good way to drill and screw them in. Any ideas?
  4. Paddlinhal

    What slick mods am I missing?

    Screwed down deck plate. Dynel skid plate. Glassed in d- rings. Pole- end hull protectors (hate the star cracks) made from rubber roof patch tape. Lobster bait bag catch- all in seat. Pole clips. Foam kneeling pad. But what do I do with all that black bungee cord? And also, I'd like to...
  5. Paddlinhal

    Phone charging for power users.

    Ah, the world of electronics. I have a fairly new Garmin that I paid upwards of $400 for. For about $300 I can buy useable usgs topo maps for the US, and for another $300 the same for Canada. The unit comes with free subscription for a site where you can download satellite imagery...
  6. Paddlinhal

    Coming soon: Picaridin review.

    I heard good things about this stuff, supposedly better than DEET at warding off blackflies. Also it does not eat your fabric or consume your central nervous system. Anyway in one week I will strike out into the North Maine Woods with nothing but a bottle of Picaridin and my loincloth. OK...
  7. Paddlinhal

    Useless countdown activities

    When a canoe trip is approaching, particularly when a body has been cooped up so very long, there are a few activities to help you waste time before the departure day. My favorites are watching the USGS river levels starting about 3 months in advance, seeing the water levels go from too high to...
  8. Paddlinhal

    Old Town pack Solo

    From the deep dark recesses of the porch attic, this boat has literally not seen the light of day for 20 years. What is it? This 12' solo boat is a cult classic. People add float bags and run big whitewater. Or fill it with camping gear and strike out for a solo adventure in the North Maine...
  9. Paddlinhal

    Old Town Pack Solo

    Finally dug it out of the porch attic. It's on FB Marketplace if anyone is looking for one. Special discount for Canoetripping.net folks.
  10. Paddlinhal

    Can I borrow your axe?

    I'm going on a trip in a few weeks and one of the group gear items listed is "axe". It appears there are two coming along in our group of 6. That would seem to be more than enough, however, when I mentioned that I would want to use one to split up some cooking fire sized pieces, I got a...
  11. Paddlinhal

    Why am I so excited?

    Just a 5 day run down Baskahegan Stream and Mattawamkeag in Maine next month. But it's all I can think about!
  12. Paddlinhal

    The one that got away.

    Yesterday, a $100 canoe popped up in FB marketplace. It was a "Mad River whitewater boat". It was posted 39 minutes earlier. I sent him a message but I guess I was too late. Today it's back up for $300 from Keene NH. At least the guy was able to ID it as an ME. He also mentioned it needed...
  13. Paddlinhal

    Fire pans.

    Who here doesn't like to sit around the campfire after a day of paddling? A recent trip down the Penobscot River Paddle Trail got me thinking about how more and more campsites are restricting campfires. In this shoulder season, sunny days are often warm and pleasant, but when the rain moves...
  14. Paddlinhal

    Penobscot River Paddle Trail (Maine)

    After this extended dry spell, I'm leaving for a canoe trip tomorrow night. Supposed to rain like mad on Wednesday. You're welcome! Anyway it's a new river trail, they're adding a bunch of campsites along the way, and it's really the only game in town till the rivers fill back up. The trail...
  15. Paddlinhal

    Nova Craft Tough Stuff - Ha!

    So check out this video. If it's so tough, why did the guy have to cheat? Look at that tiny little bite of the second sample between the vise and the vise grip. The section being bent had to be 20% longer. Then he pulled on the first one to put all the pressure at the fold line in the vise...
  16. Paddlinhal

    Looking for an easy Temagami week

    I'm hunkered down with Hap Wilson's book on Temagami, trying to decide on a week of paddling with family and friends next summer. Want to see some pictographs. Are there Must-See spots? Obabika Lake seems to come up a lot. I'm thinking about Route 6; Diamond, Wakimiki and Obabika Lake Loop. Or...
  17. Paddlinhal

    I'm allergic to WordPress

    OK, I have a fabulous website at voodoocanoe.com. This began as a team effort between Doug D and I back when we co-authored our story about getting treed by a flood on the Pemmigewasset, an adventure that somehow cemented our love for paddling, instead of scaring us both away forever. Anyway...
  18. Paddlinhal

    Not my cup of tea

    What do you think of planning a 30 day canoe trip, bring 32 days worth of lovingly dried and packaged food, then getting stuck with a couple of folks who want to paddle like crazy every day, never stopping to look at anything, no muckle-ups, nothing, just paddle all day every day. Then getting...
  19. Paddlinhal

    27 Days remains my record.

    Me and Doug did a 27 day trip through Maine about 20 years ago. I thought I'd be breaking that record this year but my 32 day trip became a 20 day trip. Trip report to come...
  20. Paddlinhal

    Poling lessons in Venice

    Hey did you know Venetian gondolas are rowed, not poled? They are powered by a single oar. Where did we all get the same wrong notion? I blame Saturday morning cartoons. Anyway, looks like fun. I shall take a lesson next week.