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  1. Paddlinhal

    Things that interfere with or otherwise screw up canoe trips

    Not quite a canoe trip but I was all packed for a 21 day private trip down the Grand Canyon, manning the oars on one of the rafts. The plan was to take the train with all my gear to work in Boston, then zip over to Logan Airport and be gone for a month. It was that morning that the Governor...
  2. Paddlinhal

    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    I rented a canoe in France to run the Class 2 River Tarn. It was rotomolded in the fashion of a sit-on-top, the topside having butt buckets for the stern and bow paddlers complete with foot cups, there were bulkheads instead of thwarts, forming a center compartment that was set up for two...
  3. Paddlinhal

    Pack Weight Ratios

    I've gone to kevlar boats, so with two poles, lines, and the bailer swinging side to side like a metronome I'd say that's about 70 pounds. On my back goes a 115 liter propack, with paddles lashed to the back and a duffle on top. I'm guessing maybe 60 pounds? Then I pick up my 16 pound portage...
  4. Paddlinhal

    Paddling places that weren't what you expected

    Probably just my own experience, but the Saint John in Maine was terrible. After paying for day use fees and camping fees on top of that, then for the shuttle in it was a pretty expensive trip. For that I expected some sort of wilderness experience. But somehow, even though the side roads...
  5. Paddlinhal

    What went wrong?

    Beautiful day, 72 degrees. 8 pumps of resin, hardener ran out after 4 or 5 pumps. Got out a new jug and finished the job, though now not exactly sure of the mix ratio. 10 minutes into the job it gets real hot in my hand and actually starts smoking. You can see the result. So was it a bad mix or...
  6. Paddlinhal

    Aging Adjustments

    Best way to feel old instantly is to start tripping with folks 20 years your junior. I turned 65, seem to always still be recovering from the last injury when the next one arrives. That said, still portaging miles and miles, poling upstream for days, grunting, sweating and cursing. My biggest...
  7. Paddlinhal

    Missed it by that much..

    A local outfitter has apparently had a pretty shiny MR Outrage for sale for $500 for over a year. I inquired yesterday and it just sold. Certainly solves having to explain to my wife why I need a seventh canoe.
  8. Paddlinhal

    Adjustable front seat in a tandem

    I installed a Wenonah sliding bow seat in a Bell Mystic so that my paddle partner, weighing 50 pounds more than me, could paddle bow. We blew it to bits twice. I think it was designed to move a petite person forward, not a big slab of paddling muscle backward.
  9. Paddlinhal

    Hanging or storing a canoe off floor in a garage with vehicles

    I have two of those commercial hoists but the lowering mode is activated by pulling almost straight down on the cord, and the canoe is right there in the way. Is there a solution I don't know about?
  10. Paddlinhal

    North Water lacing d rings

    I think the right angle drill is the best solution for this. I'm sure he'll be happy for the excuse to buy another tool! Thanks
  11. Paddlinhal

    North Water lacing d rings

    My buddy got these odd looking plastic d rings in his float bag kit. He wants to mount them on his vinyl gunwales, but how? To the underside? They fit behind the gunwale but I don't see a good way to drill and screw them in. Any ideas?
  12. Paddlinhal

    Mad River Canoe - Been Nice to Know You

    Well that red canoe I just finished rebuilding for the third time is the hallowed 42# Mad River kevlar Explorer, which indeed does make a fine solo tripper, especially if you like poling. I bought it for a case of beer and a hundred dollars from a feller in Greenville who contacted me out of...
  13. Paddlinhal

    What slick mods am I missing?

    Screwed down deck plate. Dynel skid plate. Glassed in d- rings. Pole- end hull protectors (hate the star cracks) made from rubber roof patch tape. Lobster bait bag catch- all in seat. Pole clips. Foam kneeling pad. But what do I do with all that black bungee cord? And also, I'd like to...
  14. Paddlinhal

    Mad River TW Special Resurrection

    Elevator going..... down! The old TW Special took on a little water but we still managed to come in 3rd on the 2011 Kenduskeag Stream race. Glad to see it will have another life.
  15. Paddlinhal

    Interesting, Helpful, Memorable Folks You've Met on Canoe Trips

    It was more than 20 years ago when me and DougD were portaging through Portage Maine, ready for a diner, motel, laundry, booze and even a General Delivery maildrop at the post office. Somehow we got the attention of the local Game Warden and the two previous Game Wardens and all three felt it...
  16. Paddlinhal

    Recommendation for outfitter in Whitehorse

    We used Kanoe People on our Porcupine River Trip for shuttle. We mailed a ton of gear (including folding canoes) ahead of time and they happily received and stored them for us. BTW, if you mail, drive across the border and mail it from Canada. Best to have a conversation with Customs in...
  17. Paddlinhal

    Your canoe trip plans, hopes, dreams for 2022

    Lots of big plans! I recommend, at this point, you get out your Delorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer before you continue reading this post. I retire on Groundhog Day. (1) Rafting on the Owyhee? Doubtful, having heard nothing from the trip planner. (2) A tide-dependent loop starting near...
  18. Paddlinhal

    Preferred tripping style ?

    I have developed a traveling style with my usual canoeing pal which is kind of unique. Our canoeing and camping gear has, over the years, become embarrassingly identical. A kevlar MR Explorer, two Hayden poles clipped against the inwale, One a full length, the other a two piece for added...
  19. Paddlinhal

    Canoe Tripping Nightmare

    All the product placement there makes me wonder whether the cooler was a Yeti or an Rtic. Also you left out the name of your pecker.
  20. Paddlinhal

    How do you make a fire when it's wet?

    You folks have pretty much covered it. The only tip I might add is more of an anecdote. Once my pal was the self-designated fire starter. We arrived in camp cold and wet under a heavy rain. In my book, this is exactly when you need a fire. He was having little luck until I came across a...