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  1. Murat V

    Cottage Lake clean-up "tripping"

    Have't headed out on an over-nighter this season, but did experience a different sort of multi-day trip this summer. The previous two summers saw a record number of Canadian tourists visiting our lake area. This was understandable given all the international travel limitations during the peak...
  2. Murat V

    2022 National Canoe Day - Sunday June 26 (Gravenhurst, Ontario)

    The local Canadian chapter of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association is collaborating with the Muskoka Discovery & Steamship Centre to provide programming for National Canoe Day here in Canada. The event will run from 10am - 4pm with plenty of displays, programming and demonstrations. If weather...
  3. Murat V

    Early Morning Birding on the Toronto Islands.

    Haven't had many paddling opportunities while being stuck in the city during Covid. Took advantage of the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday to get in an early day trip to the Toronto Islands. Not an epic backwoods trip by any means but still rewarding. Got on the water about 1/2 hour after sunrise...
  4. Murat V

    Photos of Portage / Canoe Carry Signs

    Been wondering about the graphic designs of portage / carry signs used in different parts of canoe country. Most of what I've personally seen are the yellow plastic markers with this common symbol: A seller online is selling handmade replicas of an old sign from Algonquin Park. Thought it...
  5. Murat V

    Restoring an old Trapper's canoe

    Picked up a new boat that seems a perfect candidate for a restoration. Seller was a lovely senior (in her 70s) just north of Peterborough, Ontario. She was the neighbour and caretaker of the original sole owner, who passed away this year at 93. A few years ago she was given the canoe by him and...
  6. Murat V

    Native youth tripping in traditional style

    Came across a dated video on youtube featuring some Innu youth from Quebec descending the Moisie river. They are tripping in traditional wood canvas boats. Some nice footage with an Innu language folksong playing in the background...
  7. Murat V

    Report - Group Daytrip (Toronto Islands)

    In an effort to meet local members of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, I offered to lead a group paddle to Toronto Islands for the Northern Lakes Chapter. It was scheduled for Tuesday, August 27th and posted in the Events section of the forums. After weeks of beautiful weather, that day...
  8. Murat V

    Visit to the 2019 Temagami Canoe Festival

    Got the chance to check out the canoe-themed festival held in Temagami, Ontario. Last year the festival was cancelled due to the major forest fires in the area. One of the neat features was a small brigade of voyageur canoes which made their way to shore and set up camp... Got to meet...
  9. Murat V

    Day Paddling Event (Toronto Islands): Aug 27, 2019

    If anyone is interested, an informal day paddle event is planned in Toronto for Tuesday, August 27th with the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (Northern Lakes Chapter). The idea is to spend a few hours exploring the shoreline and sheltered canals of the Toronto Islands. All paddlers welcome...
  10. Murat V

    Re-canvassed Chestnut Playmate back in business

    Spent a few months refurbishing a circa 1960 Chestnut Playmate. When I obtained the boat a few years back, the original canvas was heavily cracked. Managed to squeeze in 3 seasons of light usage by following some of the restoration advice of the pros on the forum. The canoe began leaking too...
  11. Murat V

    Canoe Day at Muskoka Discovery Centre (Gravenhurst, Ontario)

    Posting a little late, but a canoe event is happening tomorrow (Sunday, June 23rd, 2019) for National Canoe Day in Canada. It takes place at the historic steamship docks in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Bring your own canoe for a guided 1 hr tour of the bay (starting approximately 9am). There will also...
  12. Murat V

    An 18 day portage through the Himalayas

    Came across this story today. These wacky Canadians love to portage canoes. All for a good cause... https://www.ctvnews.ca/lifestyle/two-canadians-portage-canoes-to-mount-everest-base-camp-1.4261512
  13. Murat V

    Late Fall Trip - QE II Wildlands Park (Southern Ontario)

    Got to spend a few days outdoors on the last canoe trip of the year. I was invited to join two buddies to check out the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands park just a relatively short 1-1/2 hours north of home. ExploreTheBackcountry.com has a detailed topo map of the region, a non-operating park with...
  14. Murat V

    3 day Father & Son Trip in the Year of the Deer Fly!

    Got to spend some quality outdoor time with my older boy on our annual father son trip. For the last two years, we've been visiting the Haliburton Highland Water Trails (formerly Frost Centre) to explore these well maintained waterways. I had planned to take him further north on a more...
  15. Murat V

    New Tripping Book - Border Country: The Northwoods Canoe Journals of Howard Greene

    There's a recently published book that should interest some folks on the forums.... Border Country: The Northwoods Canoe Journals of Howard Greene Author: Martha Greene Phillips Foreword by Peter Geye $39.95 cloth/jacket ISBN 978-1-5179-0107-3 408 pages, 376 b&w plates, 9 x 10, 2017 University...
  16. Murat V

    Paddling Incentive for a 3 year old

    My little one freaked out in the canoe over the summer and said he's now scared to go on the water. As a way of hopefully getting him back in the boat, I re-carved a damaged paddle into a tiny user for him. The shaft of the original paddle warped heavily after a decoration experiment with a blow...
  17. Murat V

    Stove pipe question for you hot tent users

    In your opinion, how far should your stove pipe project out from the tent? I'm planning to have the stove jack out the door (like Robin's setup) and not straight up the roof. The 8.5 feet of nesting pipes that came with the knico trekker stove seem pretty long if venting out sideways.
  18. Murat V

    3 day trip with a wall tent - Haliburton, Ontario (Pic Heavy)

    Got to spend 3 glorious September days on a brief solo trip last week. Apart from getting some much needed silence & solitude, my overall goal was to test out some of the homemade gear made over the off season. Also wanted to check out the tripping capabilities of the 14 foot Chestnut /...
  19. Murat V

    3 Day Midweek trip: Frost Centre - Haliburton Ontario

    Had another short trip with my older boy back to Gun Lake in the Frost Centre. Unfortunately left the camera's memory card in the computer at home when last downloading photos. The old point and shoot could only hold about a half-dozen shots in its internal memory so just have a few photos to...
  20. Murat V

    Repurposed PFD into portage pads

    Ended up repurposing some discarded stuff to make a set of portage pads. I used the following online tutorial as a reference point but tweaked the dimensions a bit... http://myweb.arvig.net/knudsen/bwca/portagepads/ Last fall during an end-of-season shoreline cleanup on the cottage, I came...