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    Richmond, VA river accidents

    12 paddlers were involved in an accident on the James River on Memorial Day. They were swept over a low head dam in high water. 10 of the paddlers were rescued. One woman's body was recovered on Wednesday, but a second woman has not been found. The river gauge was at 9 feet, or over 20,000...
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    Wood and canvas on Va. Craigslist

    Not mine and no connection. 20 ft wood & canvas in Lexington, Va., restored by Rollin Thurlow. Was $2200, marked down to $1200. Seller is moving. https://roanoke.craigslist.org/boa/d/lexington-20-foot-wood-canvas-canoe/7425799472.html
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    Can anybody ID this canoe?

    I really am "asking for a friend." Seriously. My friend is a late 60s female, avid gardener, healthy but not athletic. She has gotten interested in paddling and has been canoe shopping. She says she just wants to paddle on flat water ponds. Those are in short supply in this area, and I am...
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    The title of this forum says it includes "other small boats if using wood, composite or other techniques applicable to canoes." So, here is my thread on the WoodenBoat forum about building a 15 foot sailing skiff designed by naval architect Karl Stambaugh...
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    Levitating the Echo

    There have been earlier threads about hanging storage for canoes, but I believe none for a while, so here it goes. My wife's new Esquif Echo started to develop mildew on the gunwales after a couple months of outdoor storage. (This canoe was a sudden purchase to replace one lost in a fire, so...
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    RIP, Okefenokee Joe

    Okefenokee Joe, a massive alligator estimated to have been around since WWII has died (CNN)Okefenokee Joe, an 11-and-a-half-foot alligator who is believed to have lived in a Georgia swamp since World War II, has died, officials said. The alligator passed away from old age, the Georgia's...
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    Blue Hole Sunburst -- Too Many Canoes

    Blue Hole Sunburst. 14 ft Royalex solo whitewater canoe. Good condition with the usual scratches. Aluminum gunwales and decks. Webbing seat. Kevlar skid plates. Running out of storage space! Shenandoah Valley, VA. Yesteryear's solo play boat can become today's high volume solo tripper...
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    Greetings from Virginia

    Just joined the forum, paddling for years. In the Shenandoah Valley 4 miles from National Forest. Member of Coastal Canoeists, and highly recommend this club to everyone in VA https://www.coastals.org/