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  1. Marten

    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    Next time you are paddling solo up a winding fast flowing stream trim the canoe and give it a try. Think front wheel drive as you pull your way around obstacles and sharp turns. Been there done that and its a real winner.
  2. Marten

    Best shoes for Boundary Waters?

    I like a waterproof shoe around camp and have an ankle high pair that have rubber half way up. Rainy days, dipping water near shore and dew in the morning and my feet are still dry. They have enough support that they are a backup if I blow out the portage shoes. I prefer to wet foot but on long...
  3. Marten

    5 or 7-Gallon Bucket Mess Kit

    Been using buckets for a long time. Lately I have been attaching a handle about a third of the down the side. So much easier to carry this way. The bigger buckets with standard wire handles will be banging on rocks and such.
  4. Marten

    Help me pick my first real cell phone

    I have put up with Trac phone for years and was surprised at the service and phones available when upgrading because of the 3g being shut down. I then learned that Verizon bought Trac Phone a few months ago. Very good experience compared to the old days with Trac Phone. Very cheap like $10 a...
  5. Marten

    Fears while paddling or on canoe trips

    My first thought on this topic was that my fears subsided once I got the car parked at the put-in. Then I remembered Bailey Bay on a Quetico exit. Not many have escaped scary times on that crossing. Rapids are no fear for me as I take every portage. As Bob B said, little animals make a lot of...
  6. Marten

    Source for wool coats on the cheap

    My wife was always bringing me nice heavy wool apparel from the thrift stores but that dried up about 10 years ago. Fortunately I have 4 totes full of really good wool from her quests. Must me enough Red and Black plaid to outfit an Elmer Fudd contest. Green and Black plaid is my favorite but...
  7. Marten

    Abandoned Canoes?

    The later part of this trip is pretty entertaining and concerns abandoning the canoe. http://canoestories.com/fly_in_paddle_out.htm
  8. Marten

    Quick foods for recovery when running on empty?

    I like to keep a few of the Brownie Cliff bars with me. Some Cliff bars are way too sugary and give me problems but the gnarly Brownie ones can really power me up, They are indestructible and not something you will eat just to satisfy a sweet tooth.
  9. Marten

    Poll: What do you sleep on mostly when canoe camping?

    X ped 9 downmat is what I think the right name. I find it comfortable and like the compact bundle when rolled easy to store inside any pack. Using their inflation bag takes the ugly out of set up.
  10. Marten

    Post-Migration Fund Raiser is On: Please Contribute!

    Sorry for the delay, I was off the grid all month.
  11. Marten

    Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is Closed due to fires

    Albert at Goldseekers Outfitting posted this info o A note from Albert at Goldseekers Outfidding about routes in Woodland Caribou P.P after the fires. Photos See All...
  12. Marten

    How do you make a fire when it's wet?

    In a real pinch I smear a little chain saw bar oil on the sticks and let it soak in for a few minutes. Last resort is a little squirt of the gas mix. Doesn't everyone pack such supplies?
  13. Marten

    Atikaki P.P. Park in Manitoba-Wallace Lake to Leyond, Berens and Pigeon Rivers

    Thanks for the update on conditions and a heads up about the snowdown last fall. I well remember the WCPP snowdown of 2012 and spending three weeks with two chainsaws clearing through endless kms of severely blocked portages. Hopefully the damage will not be that bad this time. WCPP has pretty...
  14. Marten

    Atikaki P.P. Park in Manitoba-Wallace Lake to Leyond, Berens and Pigeon Rivers

    With all the fires in the upper mid-west and Canada some may be interested in exploring some new unburned canoe routes. This is a report on some of my travels in the area.
  15. Marten

    The top places you have ever paddled

    My favorite places are in the boreal forested area of Ontario and Manitoba. I have spent over a year of camping nights in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in NW Ontario but with the recent fires those special places are not to my liking. Fortunately the last few years I have been exploring...
  16. Marten

    Adjust Image Size

    Opasquia 1280x960 930kb chrome desktop image insert--when downloaded back to computer it is 208kb
  17. Marten

    Video and Audio Media That Can Be Embedded in Posts

    I put a you tube video in a hunting post and it worked perfectly.
  18. Marten

    Thanks Glenn!

    WOW!! Thanks for all you are doing.
  19. Marten

    Which trip report format do you prefer?

    Being able to use someone's GPS FILE of seldom used portages is a big plus for me. It also gets rid of all the false starts where that old map shows portages long since relocated to better routes.