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    Drip covers?

    I was hoping for some good cover ideas. I went paddling yesterday and closely watched the water coming off the blade. Most of it ran off the lower inside corner and missed the drip ring completely. I'd heard that sticking a piece of duct tape in that corner of the blade could keep a lot of the...
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    Drip covers?

    I have drip rings, but if the paddle blade comes over the top of the side of the canoe, which it does in all but the most low angle style or with super long shafts, water drips off the drip rings and into the canoe. I have spray decks for my kayaks, as opposed to a full spray skirt, and would...
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    Drip covers?

    Like a lot of solo paddlers, I've found that I prefer paddling my solo with a double bladed paddle. The problem I have with it, is all the water that drips into the boat. Yes, a really long, low angle paddle helps, but I prefer paddling with a shorter, high angle paddle. I don't want to get a...
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    Need info on Sawyer Oscoda.

    I'm almost certain I have the Family 17. Still want to get a higher end Sawyer, but this will do for now.
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    Need info on Sawyer Oscoda.

    Well, that confirms what I suspected. From a cheaper line of boats. Doesn't even have a yoke. But super stable without being a tug. Not always what I want but a nice option for my quiver. I paid $520 for it. Thought I was getting a fair deal, but I might have paid too much. Still not sure...
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    Need info on Sawyer Oscoda.

    I saw a fiberglass Sawyer Oscoda on Craig's List and it seemed to be in pretty good condition, so I bought it. I can see that it's 17', about 37" wide, shallow V. Can't tell if it's asymmetrical, so if it is, not aggressively. Doesn't look like it was a very expensive boat. Maybe intended for...
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    Aging Adjustments

    In my case, arthritis and orthopedic injuries were the first limiting factors. My local club has a Boundary Waters trip scheduled, and I'd love to go, but I'm afraid my hips and knees just can't take the portages anymore. River trips are much easier, since no portaging. I have health issues...
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    General Trip Gear

    Will all due respect to Bill Mason, standard practice for paddling white water is to make sure your gear is secured so well that it stays in place in a capsize. On some western rivers it's required by the agency in charge. Even ones without white water. They don't want gear floating down...
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    5 or 7-Gallon Bucket Mess Kit

    This was a convenient post. I replied to a different post, about packing for a canoe trip, asking how people secured their gama lid buckets in their boats. I use one for my camera and I was planning on using another, or an olive barrel, for my kitchen gear. I don't make elaborate meals on...
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    General Trip Gear

    REI sale starts tomorrow. 20% off coupon. Might have to buy another bag.
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    General Trip Gear

    If you dump on a river, you have a serious problem, if things aren't tied in securely. If the canoe flips and nothing moves, I've done my job. Even on a lake, I would want things attached to the canoe so I don't have to swim around trying to gather all my stuff and drag it to shore. Just my...
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    Best shoes for Boundary Waters?

    My club has a Boundary Waters trip scheduled and I'm actually thinking about it. Not too seriously, but it's on my mind. I'd pretty much decided my Boundary Waters days were over, but most of my other trip plans fell through and I have a new solo canoe that just screams Boundary Waters. This...
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    General Trip Gear

    I'm jumping in here kind of late. Haven't read all the posts so hope this question hasn't already been answered. Like you, I use screw top, Gamma seal buckets. I was wondering how other people secure them in the boat? I've always just run a strap though the wire handle, but that's really not...
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    Spray cover vs. float bags.

    I've never been a spray cover guy. Seems like overkill for the vast majority of trips I'm likely to go on. I have three things against them: cost, inconvenience, entrapment. For the most part, they seem like more trouble than they're worth. But a lot of experts swear by them and seems like I'm...
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    Two canoe paddles from one kayak paddle?

    Touring kayak paddles are pretty sophisticated designs. Usually curved, dihedral, asymmetrical. They also come in a variety of aspect ratios. That is, long and narrow to short and wide. Low angle to high angle. Seems like it wouldn't be that hard to make two canoe paddles out of one kayak...
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    Poll: How old were you when you got YOUR OWN first canoe (and what was it)?

    My dad bought a couple Osagian aluminum canoes when I was in high school. The first canoe I bought myself was a Discovery 174. A real freighter. Took me down many rivers. I believe I was 33, give or take a year. That was a long time and many canoes ago.
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    Dream canoe dream rigging

    I bought a new solo this fall and got a good start outfitting it. I'm not entirely happy with what I've done so far. I tried some new things and not sure they will work. This canoe is Kevlar and carbon fiber. I want to get a T-Formex canoe before spring. So I have a lot of outfitting to do...
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    I hate articles like this

    I think articles like that can be very useful, if the guy knows what he's talking about. There are people that don't want to put in the effort to research canoe design and construction and would rather have some guru pick for them. Some of his choices are pretty good, others not so much. I have...
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    Ball paddle grip

    I see a photo of a disk shaped grip, but suppose the disk was oriented so it was flat on top instead of from the front or back. That is, there would be a hole in the center of the disk that the shaft fit into. A larger ball that was textured might work well. Otherwise I'd be concerned about...
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    Where do you carry your canoe trip knives and what are they?

    I have a Gerber River Shorty attached to my life vest. I carry a folder, with pocket clip, in my pocket. For camp, I have a fixed blade in my dry bag. I'm a big fan of D2 steel. Very tough, but not too expensive. I like flipper knives. Assisted opening is handy too.