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  1. jffdejongh

    Hello from the Netherlands!

    Welcome! Paddling in a calm safe space is a great way to learn.
  2. jffdejongh

    17' Chestnut Prospector

    Good luck with the sell after the fact
  3. jffdejongh

    Photo of the day

    I like your stern paddle😉
  4. jffdejongh

    First stripper build: Prospector-16 Help & comments appreciated

    Like scratchpants, I have my seats as low as I can and still easily get my feet under out out quickly.
  5. jffdejongh

    Maine somewhere.

  6. jffdejongh

    Cottage Lake clean-up "tripping"

    That's amazing and I really love your take apart pole! DId you take any pictures of the build? I have some excellent, clear bass wood that would work very well for a canoe pole and using ferrule would be a nice way to make the thing easier to handle than my closet rod pole.
  7. jffdejongh

    Repair a pinned Raven

    The repairs on the raven are complete. I added some small patches on the inside in 3 places where I lost a little wood when removing the loose glass and then glassed apart the whole bottom with 4 oz. E-glass on the inside. The outside for sanded and re-epoxied.
  8. jffdejongh

    Video: Nick Schade instructional for bending laminated stems on strip canoe

    Building with stems is more difficult because of the extra steps involved. They do look nice though! I don't think there's any real strength difference between the two so it really comes down to personal preference.
  9. jffdejongh

    Epoxy filler for paddle edging

    Wow! That's not a bad price either!
  10. jffdejongh

    MAS epoxy

    Like pblanc, I've only used it on plywood kayaks (which haven't been subjected to the same abuse my canoes get) so I hadn't noticed any problems.
  11. jffdejongh

    Paddling places that weren't what you expected

    It may have been low. That seems to be the trips I've had the last few years. I'll keep my mind open for doing that trip in the future.
  12. jffdejongh


    Sorry, west system epoxy. I built the kayak in 1996 and I believe I tried a water based varnish. Obviously the varnish didn't last, I didn't take care of the kayak and UV damage slowly 'ate' the epoxy. You can see bare wood in spots and white e-glass in other parts. I should be more ashamed of...
  13. jffdejongh

    Stapleless using fishing line?

    Isn't that a bumper sticker?
  14. jffdejongh


    I just pulled the 3rd sea kayak I ever built (East Greenland museum replica) from the rafters and realized that most the West stem epoxy had evaporated from it. It needs to go. I'm repairing my Raven and unfortunately mentioned building another canoe to my wife, she said 4 canoes is too many...
  15. jffdejongh

    Paddling places that weren't what you expected

    I did the moose river bow trip in Jackman, Maine several years ago. Attean Lake is beautiful, even the 1.5 mile portage to Holeb pond was alight. BUT the moose river itself was mostly slow with high mud banks and the occasional beaver. It got more interesting when we hit Attean lake again with...
  16. jffdejongh

    Repair a pinned Raven

    I thought about it but decided to save on money. I got done sanding the inside and outside of the hull and there was no cracking on the outside, just gouges. I plan on taking care of that with epoxy. On the inside I'm making small patches of 4 oz e-glass on the few places where the...
  17. jffdejongh

    Milk River, Alberta - Del Bonita to Writing on Stone Provincial Park

    Wow, that is an awesome trip! Very different from anything I've seen in the Northeast. Thanks for sharing.