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  1. Black_Fly

    Pack Weight Ratios

    How much portage weight do you carry (with and without canoe)? How has it changed over the last decade?
  2. Black_Fly

    Arthritis is Handy

    I’m getting arthritis in my hands. Cramps up and hurts when paddling. Anyone got this? Whatcha do on long paddles?
  3. Black_Fly

    Finally: Civilization Comes to Camp

    I know we covered this a couple years ago. Someone stole my idea.
  4. Black_Fly

    Recycling Plastic Watercraft

    Every time I get some big made of plastic I have a degree of guilt. Do people ever recycle plastic watercraft? Ought to be a selling point if a new boat were made of old boats. Anyway, I see lots of plastic on rocks in the rivers, so I know lots of material is being introduced, blood stream...
  5. Black_Fly

    The Dark has Arrived

    I’ve officially gone to the dark side. I’ve installed kayak racks. The main reason is so I don’t beat the heck out of my canoes on rocky streams. Please don’t judge me.
  6. Black_Fly

    How Long Should an Anchor Line Be?

    I’m doing an anchor line for kayak and canoe use in current, wind on streams. The streams are not deep ones. I try to fish holes or along deadfall. How long an anchor line is best?
  7. Black_Fly

    Had to get a Yak - Blue Steel: Meh.

    After 3 trips down the river I’m repairing a chip in my NC Prospector. I was pinballing through a few fast and nasty rock gardens this last trip. The Blue Steel is okay, but NOT the new Royalex. So, I got a yak to do low water runs. Can’t fit my dog though. Have to figure out how to tie my...
  8. Black_Fly

    Need help coaxing river fish

    What lures work in June on northern rivers? I’ve plopped various plastics right in front of fish on the small river I live on and they aren’t interested. They seem to be sucking stuff from the current close to the bottom. My son is coming Thursday and I want to catch fish while he’s here.
  9. Black_Fly

    Jackson KARMA RG Whitewater Kayak

    I bought this years ago and don’t know why. It was supposed to track well due to the drop down rudder, but I can’t keep up with anyone on typical paddles. It’s a garage ornament. I think it was in the $1,000 range new, and I’ve seen some listed now for that price. I’m thinking that price...
  10. Black_Fly

    Beast of Burden...

    2nd trip down the Totogatic in the Nova. Water was a little lower - more scratches on the shiny new hull. Someone suggested a harness for Bogan, so I used his PFD as a harness. Worked fine until he figured out it was easier to walk at the rear of the boat.
  11. Black_Fly

    Ballast for Wind, Current

    I've used my new boat on some fast moving streams. Any advice on minimizing squirliness in the wind and keep her tracking in current? I used a 5 gallon jug (with 3 gallons) up front with my dog. I'm thinking of moving the ballast to the yoke and let the dog ride in front of that (I removed...
  12. Black_Fly

    Jackson Karma RG Whitewater Kayak

    $1,000 pickup in Wisconsin, limited delivery to Duluth, Madison.
  13. Black_Fly

    Carted Home

    We got a 6 hour float/fish in on the Totogatic. Portaged 3-1/2 miles home. First half was gravel road. I feel ok, but I think I’ll be sore tomorrow. Plenty of bald eagles and a giant sturgeon swam under the canoe. Fishing wasn’t good yet.
  14. Black_Fly

    High Riding Pup

    I took the prospector with Bogan down a scenic Ohio sewerage with wife in her kayak. I left my 5 gallon ballast jug at the car, and immediately regretted it. Wind and current were trying to spin me off course, so I spent much time correcting, unable to keep up with speedy Gonzalez. Still a...
  15. Black_Fly

    Cautious Dog Training

    Well, mixed results training yeller dawg. I didn’t go swimming, but he did bale out about 300 yds upshore. He had a nice long swim in tow back to the beach. The geese were an interesting variable.
  16. Black_Fly

    Mini USB Solar Charging?

    I'm planning an extended trip and I tend to read a lot while tripping. My reader has plenty of books, but I'm concerned about running out of juice and having to talk to myself too much (can't be healthy). Anyone used a solar charger for a mini USB device?
  17. Black_Fly

    Removable Seat

    Has anyone made a seat removable? If so, how did you do it, and did you accommodate a temporary thwart too? I'm just kicking around ideas to free up space for gear and mut.
  18. Black_Fly

    Aging Adjustments

    I’m curious at what age the oldsters on here began changing their tripping style, frequency, locations to accommodate age-related declines in stamina or physical abilities? Was it a slow change or drastic due to some factor?
  19. Black_Fly

    Leveling a Foot Brace

    I'm installing a foot brace on my Prospector 15. I'm wondering how to make sure it's installed level. Anyone got ideas?
  20. Black_Fly

    Customer Service at it's Best

    I know this is a paddling site but some of you snowshoe in the off season. I just had the absolute best customer service experience with Iverson Outdoors in Michigan. I have a 20 year old pair of their shoes, as well as another pair I bought last spring. The newer pair had a defect that...