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  1. Roybrew

    Attempting to make a couple of paddles

    I am attempting to make a couple of canoe paddles that match the canoe I made. I'm a little discouraged, and don't really know what to ask other then, is this going to work? The canoe I made is constructed from sassafras, red cedar, cherry and black walnut. The woods are a little on the heavy...
  2. Roybrew

    Fine Scratches On Wood Canoe

    I am curious if I'm just to rough on my wood strip or if it's just the way it is. I always get a few new scratches on my canoe hull when I take it out for a paddle. The scratches aren't deep. I can hardly feel most of them A little fine sandpaper and a couple coats of poly, and they'll...
  3. Roybrew

    Canoe Theft While Traveling

    How do you keep your canoe safe when traveling? We are thinking about staying at a hotel for a couple of nights in Columbia SC instead of camping. I'd rather camp, but wife is not up for that on this trip. What are some things that I can do to keep my canoe safe when sleeping at night? I like...
  4. Roybrew

    Congaree National Park.

    Making plans for checking out Congaree week after next. Wife and I are going to do a day paddle from South Cedar Creek. We've never been in a swamp before, so we are looking forward to it. Roy
  5. Roybrew

    Canoe hauling

    I have the standard 08 Subaru Outback with the factory racks on top. Will my 16 foot Wabnaki fit on these racks or do I need different ones? The wood strip canoe is 36 inches wide, 16 feet long and almost 70 pounds. I haven't tried to load it on top of the car yet, and so I thought I'd ask. Any...
  6. Roybrew

    Wannigan or storage box?

    How fine of a line is there between a wannigan and a simple storage box for a canoe? I don't plan on portaging it. I made one last year that was a rectangular box. It holds lots of my camping stuff. This year I wanted something a little lower profile, and maybe more traditional for day trips...
  7. Roybrew

    Check you Air Compressor.

    My 20 gallon air compressor blew up this past afternoon. The tank blew apart. This was an old, 40+, 220volt twin cylinder 20 gal. I had it sitting outside the basement door when it was running. I was on the other side of the house when it blew up. It sounded like a stick of dynamite. The whole...
  8. Roybrew

    Canoe Seat Advice

    Installing the seats in my canoe, and looking for advice. This canoe is Gil Gilpatricks Wabnaki design. I've made the traditional flat canoe seats out of black walnut, 7/8 thick by 1 3/4 frame, I think this is sturdy enough for my 215# rear end. I weaved them with plastic artificial cane. I've...
  9. Roybrew

    Laminated wood gunnels?

    Is there a reason to not laminate 2 different woods for gunnels? I think it would be interesting if the gunnel would compliment different woods used for accent strips. Just a thought. Roy
  10. Roybrew

    Fiberglassing Out Doors

    My canoe construction area is in the basement of my house. I am getting ready to fiberglass the hull, and have considered doing it just outside my basement door. It is warming up here in Tennessee 70+ and will be pushing 80 in a couple of weeks. I have concerns about the odor of the resin...
  11. Roybrew

    Roy's Mystery Wood Canoe

    I've been wanting to build a strip canoe for a couple of years now, but it always seems like every thing else gets in the way. First was home remodeling, work, parents, work space and wife projects. So on New year's day, I started running some lumber through my planer checking the blades and...
  12. Roybrew

    Clinch River Morning Paddle

    Come on cooler weather! This is a morning paddle my wife frequently due during spring and fall when the weather permits. This Clinch River winds its way through the hills of southern Virginia and into Tennessee. We put in at a little place called Kyles Ford. There is a store/outfitter there that...
  13. Roybrew

    Camping Table

    After looking at ridiculously expensive portable camping tables, I decided to make one. I found an older aluminum Coleman stove stand for a couple of bucks at a thrift store. I worked some spuce wood to 3/8 x 2 inch strips and stapled straps on the under side so I could secure to frame. The top...
  14. Roybrew

    These worth going to?

    This film festival event is coming close to home, and I was curious if they are worth going to?
  15. Roybrew

    New Backrest

    After I finished making new seats that were wider and deeper, I decided to make a backrest for them. My choice of wood materials were maybe not the best, but it was readily available and my canoes dont sit out in the weather. I don't have a prestigious canoe.... yet, but I'm hoping to build a...
  16. Roybrew

    Canoe construction material question.

    I have been wanting to build a strip canoe for sometime now, and I was thinking of using local sawmill lumber. In this area of the country popular, red cedar, sassafras, black Walnut, cherry and oaks are the primary wood. Oak is definitely out. I was planning on using popular and maybe adding a...
  17. Roybrew

    A morning on the Holston River

    I was going to go fishing on the Holston river near my home town here in east Tennessee, but when my wife invited herself along, I figured I would use the extra paddle power to get up stream and check out a potential camping spot for a 2 day fishing trip. It's a wide river with plenty of...
  18. Roybrew

    Newbie Wannabe here

    I've been slinging a canoe paddle for about 15 years now. After the first time in a canoe, I swore I would never get in another one, but I have and I love it. My wife bought me the instructional book by Gil Gilpatric, and since then I want to build a strip canoe. After my neighbor fell an ash...
  19. Roybrew

    Hello from East Tn.

    I've been reading some on this site for a week or so, and decided to jump in. Thanks for having me. I'm from the North East part of Tennessee about 30 miles from Virginia. I've been paddling most of the rivers, and lakes, in this area for several years now. I first started with the old RamX...