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  1. ErktheRed


    I’m lounging on my couch, looking out the window sipping coffee as my dog is passed out on my legs. We have four canoes in our backyard. Three are paddle worthy, the fourth is an old 70’s OT project. My neighbor across the street has four rec kayaks, on a nicely built rack next to his garage...
  2. ErktheRed

    Flaky epoxy

    I skimmed through some past posts and I didn’t see what I was looking for. Its mostly about full repairs or scratches, and I’m not worried about scratches at this moment. It’s possible I overlooked a post or didn’t read thoroughly. The hull of my canoe is flaking in sections and I’m not sure...
  3. ErktheRed

    Must have medical items?

    After reading several posts on here and wanting to go paddle now.. it made me think of some particular or potential situations that I could be in. And if in those situations what would I need or do? When it comes to the things I absolute am passionate about, I refuse to give them up. And I...
  4. ErktheRed

    Another BWCA route suggestion

    Good evening everyone. it’s been a while since I’ve spoke up on here, but I knew this was the place to ask my question. Since the Canadian border is still closed I’ve been looking at doing a summer/early fall paddle trip in Boundary Waters. Looking at a few loops, mostly near the Gunflint...
  5. ErktheRed

    Upgrade and repair

    Hey everyone, first off, I’m new to this and basically any online thread. I’m most likely going to ask questions that a lot of you have seen or responded to multiple times. But I’ve already seen and read a lot of information or just fun paddling posts. Last summer I picked up a 17’...