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  1. Midwest Firecraft

    Esquif PROSPECTEUR 15 specs?

    I contacted Esquif but they never got back to me. Does anyone know the bow and stern height on their prospector models?
  2. Midwest Firecraft

    WTB: Origo 5100 Heat Pal Alcohol Heater

    Looking to purchase an alcohol heater if anyone has one they are no longer using.
  3. Midwest Firecraft

    May BWCA Trip

    Left 6:15 am Monday morning and arrived at Entry Point 19 Stuart River around 11. Had to cut the trip from 7 to 4 days for personal reasons, but had 4 glorious days. The first 480 rod portage is a rough one and we were glad to be paddling after that. The River was higher than last year, and...
  4. Midwest Firecraft

    WTB: Snowpeak Ti-Double Stacking Mug H600

    Absolutely love my H450, but my Evernew alcohol cook set won't fit it in it. If anyone has a Snowpeak Ti-Double Stacking Mug H600 they would sell or trade please let me know.
  5. Midwest Firecraft

    Canoe trailer

    Building a canoe trailer from an old Jon boat trailer for a friend. It will be pulled by a 15 passenger van. Any idea on how far from the tongue the canoe needs to be so it won't hit the van when turning? Right now an 18.5 foot canoe is only about 2 feet behind the hitch.
  6. Midwest Firecraft

    Carbon Fiber paddle repair

    Added an epoxy "rock guard" to an older carbon fiber paddle my daughter will be using this year. My question is can I roll on a thin coat of epoxy or varnish on the entire blade? In order to flare the rock guard I sanded a little of the finish on the blade as well as scuffs and gouges from prior...
  7. Midwest Firecraft

    West systems 207 and Ephines Varnish combination

    Made a canoe thwart, bow, and stern handles from Ash. Going to put 3 coats of Epoxy, and 3 coats of Ephines on.I already put two coats of West Systems 105 and 207 on last week. Before I put the last coat on should I sand with 120 grit for proper adhesion? Can't find and info on how long to let...
  8. Midwest Firecraft

    Old Town Yankee Model 1946

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2718197278243932/ Has original bill of sale, calling an antique, but looks like it's in really good shape. Wish I had room...
  9. Midwest Firecraft

    WTB: Nova Craft Trapper (anything but Fiberglass)

    If anyone has a Trapper they would like to part with that is in good or better condition let me know.
  10. Midwest Firecraft

    Cooke Custom Sewing

    Local maker out of Lino Lakes, MN. Makes the best tarps money can buy. I own a 10 x 16 1.1oz Tundra tarp and a 10 x 10 1.9oz Tundra tarp. The stitching is superb, tons of sewn loops for multiple configurations, and a cloth reinforced center for paddle or pole if no trees available. Mine stood up...
  11. Midwest Firecraft

    Greetings from MN

    Found this forum through great answers on google searches. Looking forward to gleaning all the knowledge and helping anyway I can. Have only tripped locally in MN/WI and 3 times a year in the BWCA, but Canada and Maine are calling me. After trying a handful of solo's I am settled on a converted...