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  1. clemency

    Paddling into the future: Restoring the legendary Chestnut canoe for a new generation

    Just stumbled on this CBC piece about Chestnut canoes. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/chestnut-canoe-restoring-1.6474186
  2. clemency

    Good deed of the day

    Was just out walking by the river and discovered three Ledyard Canoe Club boats that looked like they'd been abandoned after a joy ride, including one of their big Clippers. Have always wanted to take a closer look at one of them, and this was a nice opportunity. Also called it in because the...
  3. clemency

    At Home In The Bush

    For those on FB, here's a journal link from a family who tripped through Temagami for 30 days with little kids using traditional gear. Might even be able to access it without being on FB. Edit: Some traditional gear. https://www.facebook.com/At-Home-In-...6141567883208/
  4. clemency

    Some people have all the luck

    Couple of days ago I got a message from a friend wanting to talk solo canoes. He'd pretty much decided he wanted one, and wanted to know what I had and what I thought, etc, etc. We talked a bit, and knowing how infrequently solo boats show up in the used market around here I mentioned some...
  5. clemency

    Beyond the Bay: an all girl, canoe-tripping documentary

    As a former camper, I follow Keewaydin-Temagami on Facebook. This kickstarter is to fund a movie following one of their Hudson's Bay trips. Boys and girls do the trip, but this is the girls. Wood and canvas canoes, wannigans, tumplines, etc. Figure it would fit right in here. The link has a...
  6. clemency

    ID help

    Friend of mine just brought this home. He thinks its got some connection to the Adirondacks, but knows nothing else. 16' 4" long stem to stern, 33" wide at the gunnels. Figured this was the place to ask. He didn't notice any markings, but will look again.
  7. clemency

    Log cabin mildew

    Kind of off the wall question here, but you folks have a lot of arcane woody knowledge and may have an answer. If not, no worries. My family has a family camp on a lake in Vermont. One of the buildings is a log cabin, and there's mildew on the inside walls. We're trying to figure how to get...
  8. clemency

    1946 OT Octa

    A 1946 OT Octa popped up on my local cl recently. I don't check often so the listing is a little old, but I thought I'd post anyhow. No relation to the seller, just thought someone here might be interested. https://columbia.craigslist.org/boa/5240732603.html
  9. clemency

    Hello from SC

    Hi all. New here. Will mostly lurk and learn, but may contribute now and again when the mood strikes. Got my start canoeing and tripping one summer at Camp Keewaydin back in the early 70s, but discovered ball sports and stick sports (and girls) the following year and never went back. Still...