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  1. sweeper

    Free Satellite Imagery Sources

    I found this while scrolling Youtube
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    If you think you can, you can't

    Great Video and some things to think about
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    Here's a Camp Chair you can't afford

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    Passing the Torch

    Matt LaRoche is retiring as Superintendent of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway https://www.awwf.org/paddlin-on/?fbclid=IwAR2Jb1MWI_Ah6wsTBjf_WENRS2R0x3lxb9CKUPDSktEBy5BZhCFQ6rxrslo
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    Interactive canoe maps

    I just found this today and leaving it here for anyone else who hasn't seen it yet https://www.paddleplanner.com/tools/...onquinmap.aspx
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    Hap Wilson

  7. sweeper

    Found another option for a fry pan

  8. sweeper

    New Shop

    No, I'm not in competition with Robin, I like his better but this one has some great options. 'Wood & Barrel Co.' has a new shop and it's worth coming out of retirement for, 'again'. We have the whole 1st floor The yellow building on the left is a Brewery and the white one on the Right is...
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    This ad popped up on my computer the other day and I've been thinking about it as an inexpensive locator for the ones back at home...
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    Never thought I'd see this in the Wild, not in these times

    So I broke "Stay at Home" to go canoeing for 3 days this past week. I arrived at the Lean-To to find this...You can't find this on a regular basis in a store, I crossed 3 ponds, 2+ miles of Carries, and there's almost a full roll sitting there. Toilet Paper in the Wild!
  11. sweeper

    Waiting for Ice-Out, Already

    I was putting away some gear that I Secret Santa'd to myself, all in the right sizes and quantities, when I noticed the end of my Lining Ropes weren't whipped. Next up are the hatchets. Anyone else refitting gear for next year?
  12. sweeper

    Travel Alarm Clock

    I don't wear a watch, I don't have a sMartphone, during the day I don't care what time it is, I have a weather radio with a clock but no alarm. I'm looking for some dual-use piece that has an alarm in it that is not a wristwatch. Currently, I have a 2" cheap battery-powered clock that...
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    When a hiker needs a Canoe

    Nice read https://www.outsideonline.com/2402413/appalachian-trail-canoe-guide-greg-caruso?fbclid=IwAR1bbgQhHCimzB7I6KRMaEYtYOGtA47RTDFkxNew98geOEjv5fabjttT3Ds
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    Kelly Kettle with Updates and Mods

    I've written about the KK several times but just received the latest update from them and thought I pull it all together with this post. They just came out with a new Base/Pot Support https://www.kellykettleusa.com/pot-support-replacement A while ago they came out with a Whistle Stopper...
  15. sweeper

    How would you clean it

    I just bought a new fleece and these are the cleaning instructions. -Don't Wash -Don't Iron -Don't Bleach -Don't Dry Clean -Don't Tumble ?????
  16. sweeper

    Wild Weekend.

    Took my 2 sons and one of my grandson's to Hoel Pond this weekend (ADKs NY). Saturday gave us at least 5 of these blasts. This one at suppertime caught us by surprise. Yes, those are Steak Tips cooking in a Cold Handle Pan.
  17. sweeper

    Algonquin 19

    Hitting one of the highlights from the end of the trip. Two Towns, Two stops, $20 2-7", 10", and a 12" I found 2 more but the women wanted $25 for a 7 and a 6"
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    So I drove out of Algonquin yesterday, 12 July, (make that 2 days ago now that I've been poking at it this for so long), thinking about the strengths of my 2 solo canoes ((and dislikes) (Kee 15, Prosp 16, both Swift)) I like the sped/ease/stability of the Kee and the seat further back w/the...
  19. sweeper

    Carbon Fiber repair

    I was a bad boy and left my CF canoe twisting in the wind. Tied to my canoe stands but the wind picked the whole thing up. The Carry Thwart separated completely on one side and partial on the other. Will G/flex work to repair this?