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  1. Halpc

    Arthritis is Handy

    Some arthritis, believe it or not, can be caused by eating vegetables in the nightshade family, such as tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. It may be worth experimenting with your diet. My brother and my wife both had dramatic reduction in symptoms by cutting way back or eliminating these foods...
  2. Halpc

    Mad River canoes no longer being produced

    I totally concur with SouhernKevlar and pb. As a former MR dealer I was stunned and dismayed when I saw the quality of the products that they were turning out after leaving Vermont. I still enjoy my vintage craft from the 80’s and 90’s very much and will be passing them on to my children and...
  3. Halpc

    Tilley Hats

    I have been wearing Tilley hats for about 40 years and was disappointed when they stopped making the classic white cotton ones a while ago. I didn’t like the synthetic ones which took their place. I was happy to find a new one couple of months ago with the same cotton (the Wanderer model). I...
  4. Halpc

    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    Sawyer Sawyerlex with an inverted keel. I was a new canoe shop owner in Connecticut in the early 1980’s and had just taken on the Sawyer line. I bought into their advertising claims about a tough, Royalex canoe with a “patent pending” inverted keel for whitewater use and ordered one. My...
  5. Halpc

    Sawyer Summersong on Green River?

    That should be a more comfortable boat for your trip and allow you to carry 10 days worth of fresh water rather than having to settle and filter the silty river water. The last time that I paddled this section of the Green I soloed in my Kevlar Explorer and enjoyed the room vs the Summersong...
  6. Halpc

    Aluminum pool cleaning collapsible handle for "poling" a canoe ? Thots ?

    I have an expandable aluminum pool cleaning pole with a friction adjuster. I would never trust it to hold under the pressure exerted while poling. if the friction sleeve were to slip while poling hard the result could (and probably would) be catastrophic!
  7. Halpc

    Sawyer Summersong on Green River?

    I think that it depends on several factors, including your weight and what you will do for water. I assume that you are planning on the Green River to the confluence with the Colorado section-(Labyrinth/Stillwater Canyons)not Desolation Canyon with its many Class 2-3 rapids. I would never take...
  8. Halpc

    Wag Bag Toilet System (long and scatological)

    In addition to the wag bag bucket we, at the request of the females in the group, also take a bright yellow “sunshine” bucket for them to pee in. It is emptied into the river after breaking camp. This lets them avoid having to wade out into the river when it is cold or dark. Woodpuppy- the...
  9. Halpc

    What was the first river you ever paddled?

    Delaware River north of the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania.I think it was a 3-4 day trip in 17’ aluminum canoes owned by the Firestone Explorer Base. Exciting first trip with some decent rapids. A bunch of 13-15 year old kids with one adult. We ended at Dingman’s Ferry, as I recall. It...
  10. Halpc

    Swift Cruisers Anyone

    M Clemens- why did you have to replace your Summersong? Did it have physical problems?
  11. Halpc

    Independence or Malecite

    I picked up a 1988 kevlar Malecite last year and am still in the process of repair/restoring it. I have taken it on several river trips and day trips on lakes and would rate it very stable- both initial and secondary. It is not quite as stable as my Kevlar or RX Explorers, but not by much. I...
  12. Halpc

    Canoe Art: Paintings, Sketches, Sculpture, Architecture

    First one is a Bernie Fuchs print (348/360). The second is a watercolor by an artist friend of my wife and me on an evening paddle on the Colorado below Moab, UT. She took photos from another canoe and turned one into a painting, which now hangs in our entry. The sculptures are gifts from my...
  13. Halpc

    Books that made a profound impact

    This is the book which started it all. Growing up in suburban Maryland in the 1950’s, I had never heard of canoes, rapids, canoe camping,black flies, or the north woods of Maine. This gift from my brother when I was 10 years old introduced all of these things and instilled a desire to...
  14. Halpc

    Luci Lights (and artificial illumination evolution)

    I am also a fan of Lucie lights. After getting one as a gift years ago I purchased 3 more and we keep them on a sunny windowsill for use during power outages as well as for camping. One with a red strobe goes in the truck for emergency use. The big one with 10 leds only weighs 3.9 oz and never...
  15. Halpc

    Winter trek with my two dogs, Jake and Gunner.

    That was my understanding also. They said that they will sell off any remaining inventory next spring when they return from this year’s trip and that trips were going to continue in the future. They didn’t like how much time the retail and manufacturing business was demanding and preferred...
  16. Halpc

    Winter trek with my two dogs, Jake and Gunner.

    Bob- I liked your photo and anorak. You are lucky to have gotten it- I looked online and Lure of the North has gone out of business. Interesting story about the owners decision to move on.
  17. Halpc

    Winter trek with my two dogs, Jake and Gunner.

    You both got some good vertical!! I really like watching Ziva jump over things while she is sprinting- don’t get to see humans jump very often 😁
  18. Halpc

    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    This is a more typical carry for a solo paddle.
  19. Halpc

    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    Hard to beat a pickup when the grandsons want to come along.
  20. Halpc

    What is the ideal canoe dog for a solo canoeist?

    I have a female Vizsla that weighs in at 38 pounds- which is at the low end of the size range for the breed. As others have noted, she also does not smell and grooms herself like a cat. Unlike many v’s, cold doesn’t bother her, but mosquitoes do. She gets welts which show through her coat...