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  1. alsg

    50 year old 13 foot w/c Chestnut on Facebook North American Canoe Trader Groups

    There's a real unicorn for sale on Facebook's North American Canoe Trader group. If you aren't in the group. I don't think you'll be able to see it. A showroom condition, never paddled, 13' Chestnut, 100% original. The author states: "I was a teenager in the 70's and got a summer job with a...
  2. alsg

    Exped Chair Kit: A sleeping solution for those who don't like sleeping flat on their back

    I know this sub-forum is for sleeping equipment. For me, the Exped Chair Kit has a place in the sleeping equipment discussion. At home, I never sleep flat on my back or side. It causes me back pain. I strongly prefer to have my head and shoulders elevated with a couple of pillows stacked up...
  3. alsg

    Kokatat Launch Socks Review

    I'm back from a seven day, six night lazy man's (guided) trip on the Allagash from Johnson Pond to Round Pond, which I will write up later. But I wanted to post a review of some new-to-me gear: Kokatat Launch Socks. https://kokatat.com/hydrus-3l-launch-socks-acuhls These are essentially the...
  4. alsg

    RIP J-Stroke: ACA No Longer Teaches the J-Stroke (EDIT: Or Does It?)

    I was paddling today with an ACA certified instructor. He was telling me the ACA no longer teaches the J Stroke (he'd never even heard of the Canadian stroke). Instead of the J Stroke, they only teach the what he called the Stern Pry, which is I would call the River-J aka the Goon Stroke --...
  5. alsg

    Putting the Bend In "Bending Branches" Paddles

    I was meandering with the family through the Kittery Trading Post in Kittery, Maine today (for those not familiar, the Kittery Trading Post is basically a big, independently owned sporting goods store). I wasn't looking for paddling gear, but I was bored and I came across some Bending Branches...
  6. alsg

    YAER (Yet Another Explorer Rebuild)

    At the request of Mr. McCrea I'm going to start what will surely be a multi-part thread about the Royalex Explorer I am slowly rebuilding. The plan is to refit this canoe for solo paddling, primarily for use in whitewater up to Class III. For you builders/restorers, this is going to be old...
  7. alsg

    Red with Hunters, White with Fisherman

    Thought many here might enjoy this.
  8. alsg

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for this site and its members and all the great information here!
  9. alsg

    Whitewater Canoeing Videos In an Old Town Camper

    I thought I'd share this YouTube channel of a guy in Japan who does whitewater canoeing using an Old Town Camper. In one of his videos he shows that his "saddle" is made from a metal ammo box with some foam padding glued to the top that he velcros to the bottom with a couple of D-rings and a...
  10. alsg

    Don't Reply to Spam, Report It!

    Here's a suggestion prompted by a recent post on by a spammer: Don't directly reply to spam threads, even to bemoan them or castigate the spammer. It only gets more members to click and read the spam thread by putting it and keeping it on top of the "new" threads list. Instead of replying...
  11. alsg

    Anyone Have a Esquif Prospecteur Sport?

    Curious if any members have experience paddling the Esquif "Prospecteur Sport" and what they think of it. https://esquif.com/en/canoe/prospecteur-sport/
  12. alsg

    Can Anyone Measure Inwale/Outwale Dimensions on a MR Explorer?

    A Royalex MR Explorer hull turned up for sale less than 1500 feet from my house, sans gunnels. But for $100 I couldn't say "no." Now I need to fashion some new wood ones. Curious what the original MR gunnels sizing was. Looking for width and thickness of original wood gunnels. Thanks!.
  13. alsg

    West Branch Penobscot Water Levels: Sept. 12, 2018 vs. Sept. 13, 2019 vs. June 2021

    A recent post about water levels on the West Branch and how they can expose some significant rapids just above Pine Stream campsite has sent me back to my photos. I found two pictures taken a year and a day apart that really show the water level differences. The first photo was taken on...
  14. alsg

    Seeking Composite Layup Expertise

    This is a question for all you composite builders. I am strongly considering building again. Something for solo tripping/paddling that can do Cl. I-II and the occassional Class III. Probably something like a 15 ft. prospector. Maybe a Raven? This time, however, I'd like to build a composite...
  15. alsg

    The $100K Canoe Builder Is Back In The News

    I wish I knew a moron or two who would pay me $100K to build them a cedar strip canoe! For that price, I'll even put ridiculous, oversized copper stem bands on them like this joker. https://www.insidehook.com/article/new-york/trent-preszler-builds-100k-canoes
  16. alsg

    A Pair of 20 inch Pocket Bellows for under $5 delivered

    Bought a pair of 20 inch pocket bellows. Under $5 delivered (if you have Amazon Prime). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KJWQ7VM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Brought them on my most recent Allagash Lake trip and gave one to my paddling partner as a gift. We were both...
  17. alsg

    Long Arm of the Law

    A couple of years ago on the West Branch of the Penobscot River, I flipped in some mystery rapids and temporarily “misplaced” a tent on the bottom of the river. Recently I was issued a “citation” by Officer McCrea. What’s the statute of limitations for such an offense? I’m surprised he didn’t...
  18. alsg

    Wondering if ice is out someplace? This NASA website may help!

    Just discovered a NASA website they may help answer the question of whether a remote lake is ice out. Plug in a place name or coordinates, adjust the slider to the date you want and, depending on cloud cover that day, you may be able to tell if there is still ice on your favorite lake/river or...
  19. alsg

    A Twist On Homemade Adjustable Bungee Straps

    I think everyone knows of Bungee Dealee Bobs. By all accounts a terrific product consisting of a length of bungee, a cord lock and a toggle that is threaded onto the bungee. https://www.bdbcanoe.com/bungee-deal...ountain-biking Some of us who have cord locks and bungee hanging around have, of...
  20. alsg

    New Gravity Water Purifier by MSR - virus removal!

    Yes, conventional wisdom is that virus removal isn't needed in North America. But if your travels take you to places where water-borne viruses are an issue or you just want the increased peace of mind, MSR has a new gravity-operated water purifier (removes viruses in addition to bacteria, etc.)...