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  1. yellowcanoe

    Lower Jo-Mary Stream Passage

    I think Robin and co. are on their way there... They will be back in a few days. That part of Maine has had all the rain you wish you had.
  2. yellowcanoe

    Lights for Tripping

    Candle Lanterns are better than Luci for warming and taking the damp off the inside of a chill tent. That said I dislike them and carry one Luci. There are an awful lot of Luci models out there. Make sure you get the Luci you dream of. They take up zero space. Headlamps x 2. I find some of...
  3. yellowcanoe

    Tent Pole Problems x 2

    I have had several dome tents.. None have had any pole splits. They all have alu DAC poles. Looks like your poles were alu.. Fiberglass is never to be trusted.
  4. yellowcanoe

    Article: How to Size a Canoe Paddle

    But its a good starting point when you are standing in the store with your mind going in circles. FS demands a possibly longer shaft because of cross strokes like in whitewater but there is a difference; you can shift transverse. In WW you probably ( hopefully) are in thigh straps and toe...
  5. yellowcanoe

    Maine somewhere.

    Have a great trip! And do stop by River Drivers for a good burger.
  6. yellowcanoe

    Paddling in a lightning storm

    Solid structures are not always safe. A classmate of mine was killed by seeking shelter with a friend on a kayak trip. When the thunderstorm approached they went ashore and into a fort.. I think it was Fort Foster in Kittery Maine.. They were leaning on concrete but its old concrete with rebar...
  7. yellowcanoe

    Paddling places that weren't what you expected

    Its been a while maybe five years since the last trip but the Moose River is a delight.. I never encountered high mud banks but several playful riffles. I hated the Missouri for high mud banks so I figured I would notice.. The water levels must have been extremely low for you.. Actually the...
  8. yellowcanoe

    Pack Weight Ratios

    Of course it has! Last time I did a lot of portaging the pack was about 35 lbs.
  9. yellowcanoe

    Found old paddles, anyone recognize them?

    I agree with Glenn.. Bending Branches and Grey Owl both made utility paddles among others But they usually had a decal on the blade rather than the shaft or grip.
  10. yellowcanoe

    Bell kneeling pad top fabric peeling off

    Gorilla fabric glue Thise bell pads are flimsy though: wore through mine quickly-big flat squashed areas in the neoprene
  11. yellowcanoe

    Electrical device you are most likely and least likely to eliminate

    PLB always.. GPS maybe . ( yes in the 10,000 Islands or the Everglades). Oh yes a headlamp cause the dark forest trees don't move on the way to the outhouse.
  12. yellowcanoe

    Anyone use a double blade paddle....

    I have NEVER seen a paddle in that length range! Are you in the dwarf world?:ROFLMAO:
  13. yellowcanoe

    Anyone use a double blade paddle....

    5'5" here. Had a Peregrine. As I also have GDSK ( g*d#m sea kayaks) I use what I have for them. 230 narrow blade low angle.
  14. yellowcanoe

    Arthritis is Handy

    Take a lesson . No matter how good you are have an instructor take a look at your biomechanics.. Power ought to come mainly from abs not your hand pulling back.
  15. yellowcanoe

    Snake ID

    LOL . Never expected to learn more about a snake from a canoe tripping forum! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeKay%27s_brown_snake You can tell if it wants to hurt you by looking at its face. Vipers have pits.
  16. yellowcanoe

    Arthritis is Handy

    Water. Drink it.. It won't eliminate arthritis but it helps a lot. You have a lot of company with this malady.
  17. yellowcanoe

    How to unjam a stuck double blade paddle?

    Simple Green.. Just sprayed it on the joint. Went in for lunch, 30 min later got the paddle apart. Unfortunately wD 40 and oil both attract grime so while they seem ideal for the immediate solution , paddle makers advise against using those as they actually attract and trap grime. Odd...
  18. yellowcanoe

    Back to northern Quebec

    Looks beautiful! Fish on the fire biscuits in the reflector oven
  19. yellowcanoe

    How to unjam a stuck double blade paddle?

    they were never used in salt water. The day was 65 degrees and the paddle was immersed in the river water for a few minutes while I got the boat up.. ( ok I had fallen in! ). Immediately after fishing it out it exhibited its stuckness. I have had ferruled blades used in salt water for...