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  1. Muskrat

    I have strips ready to go ! What to build ?

    ROBB WHITE & SONS INC. P.O. Box 561, Thomasville, GA 31799 You just send a check for $75, ask for the sport boat and they send you the plans
  2. Muskrat

    I have strips ready to go ! What to build ?

    Build the Robb White sportboat! I know you looked at building it in the past. Then you can race Mem's John Winters flatback. If you are interested in a guideboat I have offsets for a few of them and lines plans for one of my own design that is lighter and designed as a fast solo instead of a...
  3. Muskrat

    Cheap alternative to Blue Barrels

    Notice those sellers use terms like basically and generally. I've worked in business regulated by the FDA, USDA, DEA, and DOT. We don't use those terms. That will get you in trouble. In the industry we have to have documented chain of custody. In the consumer world we don't get that. Just know...
  4. Muskrat

    Cheap alternative to Blue Barrels

    Recreational barrel works does not make their own barrels. No way. They have a plastics manufacturer make them for them. If they made their own they wouldn't have a sticker. Their logo would be molded in. Most likely off the same mold as a UN barrel, but without the certification they can be...
  5. Muskrat

    Cheap alternative to Blue Barrels

    Warning. Do not assume blue barrels contained something non toxic! They are primarily chemical containers and are built to contain hazardous materials. That is why they are sturdy and expensive. They have to be certified by the UN for hazardous use. There will be a code on the barrel like UN...
  6. Muskrat

    1924 Old Town South Central Iowa

    This is not my listing, it just came up on my craigslist notifications. Iowans and Missourians might be interested. looks to be in good shape. If anybody here buys it you have to let me paddle it sometime haha https://desmoines.craigslist.org/atq/6265790194.html
  7. Muskrat

    Well I made one

    Yep, what you're looking for in grain is correct. Try to get one where the grain doesn't run out, basically stays parallel with the length of the pole. For a couple weeks while you wait for the aluminum pole any "hardwood" pole from Homeless Despot should be fine. Since you're in the Northwest...
  8. Muskrat

    Well I made one

    Kathy, I did but only from New Jersey and Florida. I'm trying to avoid truck freight so I've left it on the back burner. Some day I'll get a call when the guy I mentioned in the first post orders from one of those suppliers and I'll piggy back the freight. They mainly deal in steel and those...
  9. Muskrat

    ​Swamp paddling recommendations

    If you are ever in Texas there is Caddo Lake. Day trips or camping, primitive or campgrounds. http://southwestpaddler.com/docs/caddolake.html
  10. Muskrat

    Editing time for posts

    I'm also a habitual spell checker and corrector. I think you can edit until someone else views the post without the edit message. Edit: I also post almost exclusively from my phone so mistakes are bound to happen.
  11. Muskrat

    Thwart bag suggestions?

    I bungee dealy bob my pipe, lighter, and tobacco to the thwart or just generally use cargo pants. I've gotten skilled at drying out a bic in about 20 seconds. If it shouldn't get wet it's packed away. If it's worth the risk to get wet and keep on me I zip lock bag it in a pocket. If it can't get...
  12. Muskrat

    Poling on the NFCT

    How bout we joust when we cross paths? I've yet to meet a fellow poler, but I haven't been at it too long, and it's not too popular in my neck of the woods.
  13. Muskrat

    Well I made one

    I used 1.125", but others like a little bigger, and I might too, but copper pipe caps fit 1.125" perfectly and I haven't started making Delrin plugs yet. If you get 1.125" then just get a section of 1.00" to cut down and use for the center joint. Basically the next size down in all of those...
  14. Muskrat

    Well I made one

    I don't really consider wood poles anymore. If I was pushing around a cedar canvas canoe that would be a different story. I make aluminum poles for about $30 a piece. More or less depending on the quantity you order. Texas towers sells 6063-T832 at reasonable prices that telescope together. Two...
  15. Muskrat

    ​3rd party hosting photo site suggestions?

    If you are an Amazon prime member you get unlimited photo storage. I have no plans of not being a member, so it works for me when I need to upload photos somewhere. Most all of us that post here regularly pay some voluntary membership fees, I upload photos I post straight to canoetripping. I...
  16. Muskrat

    Go Pro

    Check out the manfrotto super clamp. They are awesome. Rock solid. Maybe a little heavy for lake and portage style tripping, but on the river they can take a hit and won't budge. I've got two knock off cameras. Can't comment on go pros specifically, the batteries can record for 1.5 hrs...
  17. Muskrat

    Well I made one

    Keep us posted on how it works out for you. I do a lot of sand bottom and there's no need for a foot. That's my rivers though, results may vary. A nice firm packed sand is my favorite for poling. The pole sinks enough to get a great push and comes free easily in the recovery. No worries about...
  18. Muskrat

    Wind + Distance = Reality Check?

    You can watch Bill Mason's videos at www.nfb.ca
  19. Muskrat

    Wind + Distance = Reality Check?

    Yep. There's a huge difference between paddling a tandem solo and a dedicated solo in the wind. It's usually windy where I live and high sided river boats especially unloaded always put up a fight. I understand your frustration. I don't know what your terrain surrounding the river is like, but I...
  20. Muskrat

    Russell Green River Knives

    I've got one of their machetes. It's not exactly a trade knife haha. Good stuff though. I think they make the old hickory butcher knives but I could be mistaken.