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  1. Dagger

    Ball paddle grip

    I have been reading a bunch of paddle threads lately and thought I start another one :). I own a variety of straight and bent shaft paddles in wood and carbon. I am a kneeler and mostly use J-stroke and its varieties. I love the touch and feel of wood paddles, but I also love the lighter weight...
  2. Dagger

    Southern Waters Anyone?

    I might have a chance to visit/paddle around Southern Missouri/Northern Arkansas/Eastern Oklahoma. I see some big lakes/rivers on the map but no nothing about them. I also did not find much in the way of canoeing information on that area. Time frame may be around end of February to mid March...
  3. Dagger

    What are your favorite paddle gloves

    Anyone have any experience with these gloves? https://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Research-Upsurge-Charcoal-Heather/dp/B07D5WRJRQ/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Outdoor+Research+Upsurge+Paddle+Gloves&qid=1605502229&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-2 Open to suggestions for other gloves as well of course...
  4. Dagger

    Together to the Tundra

    Just watched this and thought it was worth sharing.
  5. Dagger

    NFTC Canoe Outfitters?

    I am tentatively planning a 5-day trip along the NFTC next spring (or fall). I am not too set on any particular stretch(es) of the NFTC, but I prefer wilderness over more urban sections. Since I live on the west coast, I am looking to rent all the gear for the trip. Can anyone here recommend a...
  6. Dagger

    Mad River Freedom on CL

    Anyone here know any details other than what the CL add states? Not sure I believe that it is Kevlar. Looks like Royalex to me. If it is Kevlar I'll buy it for sure :) Your input is appreciated!
  7. Dagger

    Ever been forced to buy a canoe?

    Me neither...except a few month ago my wife and I went for a paddle, and afterward she watched me lift our canoe on my shoulders and then the car. On the way home, my love declared I should take better care of my back and buy a lighter canoe. She insisted, even after I told her what it would...
  8. Dagger

    Paddle construction

    Nice video on bush craft guys making a paddle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfnBNrqha6k Goofy at times but very nice results!
  9. Dagger

    Does this drive anyone else nuts?

    I meet someone new at a party or through mine or my wife's work or a new neighbor or…etc. We get to chatting and, if initial chemistry works, the conversation goes on and at some point turns to what one does in one's spare time. When someone asks me what I like to do, I say canoeing. And then it...
  10. Dagger

    Multi-Day Flat Water Options OR, WA, BC?

    Good morning dear esteemed Canoe Tripping members! I live in Northern California, and any multi day trips around here are pretty much limited to the Sacramento River. I am not aware of any such flat water opportunities at all...well, other than circumnavigating the 350ish mile Lake Shasta...
  11. Dagger

    Itchy trigger finger...

    Just saw this ad... https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/d/wood-canvas-canoe-15-ft/6736174868.html What do you guys think? Price OK?
  12. Dagger

    Northern CA

    To me, fall is the best time for paddling within the 365 day paddle season around here. Anyone live in northern California and interested in local day and possibly multi-day paddles?
  13. Dagger

    Overboard Waist Pack

    On a recent unintentional swim, I learned about the importance of having a good way to store car keys, wallet...etc. in a dry place. I spent about 10 minutes in the water after a wakeboard wake washed me out of my canoe. I feared the worst for my car keys. They are the electronic push-button...
  14. Dagger

    Lessons Learned

    Yesterday evening, I went for a nice 2-hour paddle at a local reservoir. There are power boaters at this reservoir, and wake-boarding is particularly popular. There is a two-mile stretch of open water before a no-wake zone (my destination) starts. The remaining two(+) miles of this body of water...
  15. Dagger

    Anyone into big canoes?

    We probably take too much stuff on our camping trips and rather than cutting down on the stuff we "need", or hauling more than one canoe, our OCD has struck again, and we decided to look into buying a larger/longer canoe. The longest canoe we have at the moment is a 17' Wenonah Spirit II. We (2...
  16. Dagger

    NRS Astral Men's Ronny

    Anyone here using that PFD? I am looking for a new life jacket because my old one is coming apart. I also never liked the side pocket it had because it would interfere with some paddle strokes whenever I had something in that pocket. The Astral Ronny from NRS seems to have better pocket...
  17. Dagger

    Oil-canning anyone...?

    I don't think I had seen a used canoe in this bad a shape before. I hope no one pays the $450 this seller tries to get for it. Sad to see that canoes of this "quality" are still manufactured and sold at all. Yes, it could have been stored better, but still, this canoe was never a good boat to...
  18. Dagger

    New life for old canvas

    This topic is a result of an older thread that had to do with canvas tents. I bought an old canvas tent on a whim and unseen (always a great idea...) It turned out the tent had active mildew and smelled like cat urine. Nice! Back then I was debating cleaning or discarding it. I was leaning...
  19. Dagger

    Wenonah Rendezvous anyone?

    I am interested in a Rendezvous I found locally. I have not seen the boat yet (other than a few photos), but the current owner says its Royalex. It does have a sliding seat though and a ridge down the centerline of the interiour of the canoe. I have never seen a royalex boat with those features...
  20. Dagger

    The Elusive Carbon Beavertail

    I kneel when I canoe, and I have used wooden, straight shaft paddles...so far. I gave my wife a carbon bent shaft paddle for Christmas. She sits while canoeing, and a few (not canoeing related) shoulder injuries ago, it became difficult for her to swing a wooden paddle all day. On a recent...