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  1. Steve in Idaho

    Score! Share and Share Alike (List of Freebies)

    Same here, Mike. Those three with TWSNBN (no,not going to the dark side).
  2. Steve in Idaho

    WTB - Mohawk 13 Solo or 14 Solo Rx

    Good luck in your search. The Solo 14 is a swell little boat.
  3. Steve in Idaho

    Mad River Freedom on CL

    Heck, even if it's a RX that someone added float tanks to, it's a good deal. That would be a first though.
  4. Steve in Idaho

    Mad River Freedom on CL

    Would surprise me though if it's more than 14.5'. But even if it's glass, I'd grab it if I was near.
  5. Steve in Idaho

    Mad River Freedom on CL

    If it's that one in Winters, I would get there as quick as you can and buy it if you're close. My bet is it is indeed kevlar. MR colored the inside of the old glass hulls to match the outside. The inside of the kev hulls was generally natural with gray on the floor. $400, if it's in the shape...
  6. Steve in Idaho

    Old Town Next?

    I have two problems with the seat. One is its unnecessary weight. The other is that it can't avoid interfering with some single blade strokes. Probably neither of those things are important to the target audience.
  7. Steve in Idaho

    Cliff Jacobson: NO to skid plates!

    Mike, I am so going to use that on my next skid plates! The glitter will be pretty obvious, on the black background. So...maybe my thoughts on epoxy abrasion resistance are based on the fact that I've been adding graphite too. Y'all convinced me on dynel though. Yeah....basic black goes with...
  8. Steve in Idaho

    Cliff Jacobson: NO to skid plates!

    Good to know, but how fast would you get through the fabric without the epoxy? Either way, unless you have some bad boating habits, I don't think it matters a whole lot to abrasion resistance what fabric is used. So going lighter and thinner makes a lot of sense.
  9. Steve in Idaho

    Cliff Jacobson: NO to skid plates!

    I have two boats with felt skid plates. I didn't install either, and I would prefer that they not be there. One was meant by the dealer to be a rental but was never used as such before I bought it. The other is a whitewater solo with distant history mostly unknown to me. The only serious wear...
  10. Steve in Idaho

    Treating Your Bottom Right

    Do a search on Amazon or Columbia.com for "neck gaiter". That hasn't caught on with the hoarders yet.
  11. Steve in Idaho

    Poll: What percent of the time do you use a double blade paddle solo?

    An elegant retort. Was that intentional? :D
  12. Steve in Idaho

    tracking in bow seat vs center seat

    I love my Kevlar Malecite! But it doesn't quite match the Prospector or the Coho for secondary stability. OTOH, it is my fastest canoe (so far).
  13. Steve in Idaho

    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    On the way to the south fork of the Payette River in the Sawtooth Wilderness, in my '88 Trooper. Man, what a great canoe hauler that was! I sorely miss it.
  14. Steve in Idaho

    tracking in bow seat vs center seat

    Oh yeah. Trust me. I resisted, but later wished I hadn't.
  15. Steve in Idaho

    tracking in bow seat vs center seat

    Well, I have to take something back. I have tried the "wheelie" - but not sitting or kneeling. I do it standing all the time for attainment moves, or for... https://vimeo.com/178066560 One thing I can say unequivocally is that lifting the bow out of the water slows you down. Attainment moves...
  16. Steve in Idaho

    Overhead Canoe Storage

    The things I like about the Harken system are 1) the cam cleat that makes it easy to stop the boat exactly where you want it, up or down, and resume either direct, one-handed, and from non-specific location (manual cleats require you to be within arm's reach)....and 2) the straps hand open when...
  17. Steve in Idaho

    Solvents ate my Royalex (or not)

    What I've heard form others Mike, is that if you don't allow the contact cement plenty of time to dry to tack before applying whatever covers it, the foam core will get brittle over time, faster than the rest of the hull. The rest - I have no clue. I did have one canoe for a while that looked...
  18. Steve in Idaho

    Lighten it up with some fun pics

    That's funny, because I was thinking "impressionist painting" too. I took that photo of my shadow (in the Sojourn) in the crystal clear deep waters of "Blueheart", a huge spring in the Snake River. edit: Would look great on hotel room walls, eh? edit2: Oh - now I see the "Scream" part. Funny...
  19. Steve in Idaho

    Overhead Canoe Storage

    Lots of us do it. You could DIY with blocks and a cleat, but there is also a really good commercial kit... https://www.westmarine.com/buy/harken--hoister-four-point-lift-system--P002_061_001_031