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  1. Steve in Idaho

    Where the heck I've been.

    Hey, everybody! I've been absent from here for a while, because I limited my forum time to the Bushcraft site while catching up on projects and preparing for this summer's trip to Alaska. That trip has been canceled due to the virus disrupting the logistics, so now I'm hoping to do this year...
  2. Steve in Idaho

    Bowron lakes info?

    If things settle down this summer, I'd like to do the Circuit. Never been there, and never paddled (or much of anything else) in Canada. I've got the park's website marked, and started reading it (beginning with the "closed for virus" news). What other good sources should I be looking at for...
  3. Steve in Idaho

    Ketchikan/Prince of Wales Island??

    Anybody here have some good info? We're in the planning stages of trip up the inside passage (by ferry, with RV) next year. Will be bringing a couple canoes along. Wife isn't willing to do anything more than day tripping in the canoe, but I might slip away for a night or two.
  4. Steve in Idaho

    The Green, below Flaming Gorge. ??

    My son and I are discussing a possible short trip on the Green below Flaming Gorge in late March. What we have found so far is three sections below the dam that can be done as day trips or all together - with one caveat.....Red Creek rapids (class III). Of course, that is in the most remote...
  5. Steve in Idaho

    A tool recommendation - SawStop....and maybe other tools?

    I have no connection to those who make or sell the SawStop table saws, other than having bought one. I just have to put this here for anyone who might be in the market for a new table saw. Having had mine now for most of a year, I think I can safely say that I would not consider buying any...
  6. Steve in Idaho

    Vagabond vs Sojourn?

    Looks like I might have a chance to buy a RX Wenonah Vagabond at an attractive price. Can anybody give me an idea if I would be gaining anything, compared to my Dagger Sojourn? I'm guessing slightly less windage, but nothing more...
  7. Steve in Idaho

    Carbon paddle repair?

    A couple of used ZRE paddles came into my possession. One of them has some nicks and dings in the edges of the blade, with a little fabric showing. Should I just fill the dings with epoxy and sand to fair - or should I wrap a thin layer of carbon over the edges first?
  8. Steve in Idaho

    Blue barrel gasket replacement?

    Checking my gear for upcoming trips, I noticed the gasket in one of my 30l barrels is getting little checks in it. I see a leak is immanent. Anybody know a source for replacement gaskets? Or am I going to have to fabricate something?
  9. Steve in Idaho

    The Home Depole.......end of an era?

    The last closet rod I bought from Home Depot was a piece of hemlock. They had switched their stock away from fir. Hemlock is lighter, but doesn't lend well to canoe poles, because the slightest runout in grain tends to peel loose into sharp edges. It's usable, but not ideal. In a recent rip to...
  10. Steve in Idaho

    Winter badness pool, anyone?

    I'm not sure how one would measure it, but now might be a good time to make guesses on just how bad this winter will be in North America. I'm going to make a bet that this will be a repeat on last year here in the PNW - based on the Farmers Almanac and on the early snow we had on our camping...
  11. Steve in Idaho

    Oh Canada!....

    ....Thanks for the fine weather. We've been enjoying it immensely. I think it will be a while before we can make a boat go anywhere on water, but the skiing is great!
  12. Steve in Idaho

    So, my Zav is too long.....

    I've decided that I should shorten the shaft by at least a couple of inches. IIRC, the ZRE website has some instruction on that, but do any of you have additional tips from your experience?
  13. Steve in Idaho

    We suck

    So says Professor Misao Dean..... http://heatst.com/culture-wars/white...ian-professor/ Is this really "a thing"?
  14. Steve in Idaho

    pickup as canoe hauler rack options?

    I avoided the pickup thing for as long as I could, but the time has come and now I must give up the SUV canoe hauler. I've been lookin at options for carrying canoes on a double cab PU, but I'm not sure yet what I should go with. How good are those "no drill" rack bases? What are you long time...
  15. Steve in Idaho

    bent paddle length

    So, I got a heck of a deal on a Zav bent shaft paddle, but I think it is too long for me. The guy I got it from is the same size as me, but he only used it once (according to his pitch) on a trip ten years ago that he was talked into by a friend. He did the trip and decided canoeing was not his...
  16. Steve in Idaho

    Paddle shaft repair

    Late last year, I snapped my favorite paddle in two. No rocks were involved - it was all just me and the current. That really was a lightweight paddle. Carbon reinforced laminated cedar. It was a jagged break, but mostly clean. So a few weeks ago, I glued it back together with polyurethane...
  17. Steve in Idaho

    Osprey vs Kite?

    I've been watching the Kite build threads with interest, because I'm hoping to build my first stripper shortly after I retire (hopefully early next year), if not sooner. I had planned to build the Osprey, but so much recent interest in the Kite has me wondering which is better. For those of you...
  18. Steve in Idaho


    No - not that topic. Recovery of my hand injury. It's going better than expected. Doc released me back to work this week. I've been paddling once and even managed some down river poling last weekend. Yeah - I swam. But I was kind of asking for it. Grip strength still isn't good enough for...
  19. Steve in Idaho


    It took forever for the wound in my hand to heal over completely so the doc would be okay with me playing in the water. But I finally was able to get out on the lake yesterday. Since my grip strength is still lacking (about 25-30% of what it should be), I decided to ease into it - and so my...
  20. Steve in Idaho


    So, about the time I'm finally healed enough to get on the water without danger of infection, we have rain and possible thunderstorms for the rest of the week. The good news is that by the time I actually get to try paddling, my grip strength may be actually pretty good. But enough about me...