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  1. charlie wilson

    Rushton Indian Girl

    Same friend has decided to liquidate his Rushton Indian Girl which has been perfectly restored by Tom MacKenzie of fond memory. Email for images.
  2. charlie wilson


    I am finding new homes for some of a retired friend's collection: White, Kevlar, wood trim, Curtis Vagabond with Cooke deck 14.75' X 27.5" ~ $1200 Green Prijon Yukon Expedition Kayak, 14.5'X 25" ~$500 Custom 6 place with cargo box canoe trailer, ~1700. Images now available .
  3. charlie wilson

    Quimby Paddles

    Craig and Sue are building their superlative canoe paddles again and feature same at www.quimbywooddesign.com. Check out the site, order several. Actually, www.quimbywooddesigns.com
  4. charlie wilson

    Innegra S & H

    There isn't a forum for paddlecraft construction, excepting Wood/Canvas, so I guess general discussion is our daisy for new developments in boat building! Innegra Overview Innegra is a high density polypropylene; an aromatic polyethylene. It has very low specific weight and low tensile...
  5. charlie wilson

    More Efficient Paddling

    P1 BLADE, BODY, BOAT The Physics of Paddling I March 11 /July 14 1 Blade [the paddle in water] Paddlers transmit body power through the paddle blade to move their boat. As positive pressure is generated on the powerface, partial vacuum is created on the backface, the differential forces...
  6. charlie wilson

    Colden Canoe

    Colden is a small, semi-custom boatbuilding shop South of Buffalo NY, currently making David Yost designed solo and combi canoes. All hulls are carbon/Kevlar laminates infused with epoxy/vinyl ester resin. They feature grey tones scuff patches to hide bottom scrapes and can be ordered with...
  7. charlie wilson

    Adirondack Canoe Symposium

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  8. charlie wilson

    An Adirondacker

    I got involved in the FreeStyle movement and paddlesports instruction while sewing canoe packs and accessories for Grade VI, and spent way too much time with the American Canoe Association. I've worked with Curtis Canoe, Bell canoeworks, Placid boatworks and Swift Canoe & Kayak. Charlie Wilson