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  1. Dagger

    Ball paddle grip

    I like the divot idea. Thank you!
  2. Dagger

    Happy Holidays!

    Frohe Weihnachten! from Sunn... well, actually rainy northern California. We had all kinds of paddle plans for the past few days, but the rain is quite welcome to assure a good snow pack and hopefully full reservoirs, lakes and streams next year. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
  3. Dagger

    Ball paddle grip

    Great feedback as always! As M mentioned, I also found a ball grip paddle comment a while (few years) back on the site but can't remember from who or even what the deal was. I think I'll just take one of my older wooden sticks and fashion a ball grip and try it. Maybe I'll make it sort of as a...
  4. Dagger

    Sleeping Bags

    Tall and wide rectangular Down bag, bag liner (Walmart specials do it for me), super thick, insulated, and hopefully quiet, extra long extra wide sleeping pad (NEMO Quasar 3D insulated), and a skull cap that stays on. Extra long and wide bag and pad because I toss and turn a lot. The little...
  5. Dagger

    Ball paddle grip

    I have been reading a bunch of paddle threads lately and thought I start another one :). I own a variety of straight and bent shaft paddles in wood and carbon. I am a kneeler and mostly use J-stroke and its varieties. I love the touch and feel of wood paddles, but I also love the lighter weight...
  6. Dagger

    If you think you can, you can't

    WOW. I didn't think a fire would be a big danger when in the middle of sizable lake. Prob. easy to underestimate the local wind and turbulence and toxic gases and...etc. Quite the story.
  7. Dagger

    Canoetripping Donation Procedure Info

    PayPal setup works fine. Done. Keep up the good work, Dave!
  8. Dagger

    Day trip on the Silver River

    Nice! I have been getting out here and there as we don't have any snow in the lower elevations, but no 80 yet (thank goodness) the wildlife around your area is awesome! You have probably never been asked this question before, so here it goes. Aren't you at least a little worried about paddling...
  9. Dagger

    Deck rot, weep holes and gunk removal?

    Wish I could avoid screwing through that back of the gunwale epoxy seal though. I'll noodle a bit longer on it, but a picture is finally forming in my head :)
  10. Dagger

    Deck rot, weep holes and gunk removal?

    Mike, I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg3P8mSE3XE about replacing gunwales on a Bell Magic. The first minute or so is about fixing gel coat, but the rest shows a pretty neat way to get the gunwale ends, and the inset deck plate right. He does not seem to use any glue in the...
  11. Dagger

    Optics for the ageing eyes

    www.opticsplanet.com has a large selection of all types of optics. I like their selection tools rating, price range, manufacturer, max magnification, in-stock...etc. I bought optics from them before and would do it again if needed something. My mono is close to this one...
  12. Dagger

    My new shoes...

    I can't seem to get to the large photos and only see the thumb nails. They look very nice indeed!
  13. Dagger

    Optics for the ageing eyes

    I find binoculars are quite clunky to have at the ready. I tried a sportsman/hunting straps arrangement which is great for hiking. However, it keeps the glass close to my chest were it adds to the bulky PFD and it tends to get in the way of my paddle strokes. Smaller binoculars that fit in PFD...
  14. Dagger

    Deck rot, weep holes and gunk removal?

    Thanks for clarifying, Jim. Totally different process compared to installing new gunwales on a Royalex canoe. I am excited to get started.
  15. Dagger

    Deck rot, weep holes and gunk removal?

    Filled epoxy resin. Got it! So when you say you use #6 to hold inwhales in place, do you leave the screws in and place the outers over the screws? Also, I did get the knock-down, kerfed gunwales. Does it matter whether the kerfed gunwales go in or out? Re. deck plates, I am certain the old deck...
  16. Dagger

    What are your favorite paddle gloves

    Things just aren't what they used to be. My guess is that neither dexterity nor any practical reason applies. I suppose the few pennies saved for the patch fabric must add up at the end of the day. Practical use or actual application of many products these days is neglected in favor of a quick...
  17. Dagger

    Deck rot, weep holes and gunk removal?

    Thanks, Jim! It is a Kevlar hull (per serial number), but I am sure they used glass as well. The canoe weighs just below 50 pounds. All Kevlar would be lighter I'd think. This may be a stupid question, but do you recommend dry fitting the entire trim and plates before installation? I am not...
  18. Dagger

    Deck rot, weep holes and gunk removal?

    What a timely conversation. I ordered new gunwales from Ed's, for my Mad River Traveler project. I got the boat last year, and I thought I could save the original gunwales. What I quickly found though was, that the areas around the seat hangers (adjustable seat) had gotten so soft that they...
  19. Dagger

    Southern Waters Anyone?

    I might have a chance to visit/paddle around Southern Missouri/Northern Arkansas/Eastern Oklahoma. I see some big lakes/rivers on the map but no nothing about them. I also did not find much in the way of canoeing information on that area. Time frame may be around end of February to mid March...
  20. Dagger

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year

    Thank you for moderating, DaveO, and a big thank you to all of you for fostering the communal spirit of this forum. I have yet to meet any of you in person, but I feel I know many here and I would enjoy your company. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year in advance...