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  1. daveo4

    Important Places

    This film spoke to me! Even though it centers on a Grand canyon raft trip I can relate it to my canoe tripping: a son and a father, aging, remembering what is important, getting out to the important places., nature. See what you think! https://vimeo.com/126544483 Enjoy, Dave
  2. daveo4

    Good film about trip from Yellowknife to The Arctic Ocean

    I enjoyed this canoe tripping film. Hope you do too. http://www.coppermine2012.com/
  3. daveo4

    Nice film about the Nahanni River

    Here is something I just came across. http://www.anotherkickatthecat.com/ Regards, Dave
  4. daveo4

    NOT bears

    We have discussed being prepared for bears, raccoons, bugs, storms, etc, but we apparently need to be aware of a new wilderness danger. I am at a loss! http://vimeo.com/41651435 We need to think hard about this one. Regards, Dave
  5. daveo4

    Spruce Bark Canoe

    I have always wondered if other bark besides birch could be used and apparently you can. Not as elegant as a birch bark canoe but interesting just the same. The second video is a paddling the canoe with a friend in a dugout canoe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYB0vJXi1JQ...
  6. daveo4

    First time in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota

    My friend Nora arranged a guided trip in the Boundary Waters and invited me and 3 others to go along. I was the only experienced canoer (canoeist? canoe guy?) and had finished a 156 mile canoe trip about 4 weeks before.The others were experienced kayakers and campers, so I took them out a...
  7. daveo4

    156 miles on the Connecticut River

    My buddy Ralph and I just finished a 10 day canoe trip on the longest river in New England, the 410 mile Connecticut, although we did the northern 156 miles. Robin had volunteered to do our shuttle which simplified the whole trip AND invited us to stay with him on the trip north from Maryland...
  8. daveo4

    a new way to do a shake out

    I'm not trying this but it works for this little girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH6SMocBwN0
  9. daveo4

    Solo Canoe self rescue

    I ran across this looking for something else. Looks like too much gear for my tastes but it seems to work in flat water with no wind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHNu4q1Bsy4 Dave
  10. daveo4

    Who's getting old?

    Happy Birthday, Stripperguy!!
  11. daveo4


    http://tugeye.com/index.html Has anyone installed Tugeyes in a composite canoe? Is it worth adding them? I know for lining you want the lines as low as possible but other than that are they worth it? Curious Dave
  12. daveo4

    Kitchigami River to James Bay

    http://vimeo.com/51159005 .....and another. Enjoy! Dave
  13. daveo4

    Wind River to McKenzie River

    http://vimeo.com/20523134#at=0 Another good find for a winter's evening entertainment.
  14. daveo4

    NINE RIVERS -Great video

    Ran across this. Great video. Worth watching. http://www.canoekayak.com/canoe/exclusive-debut-nine-rivers/ Dave
  15. daveo4

    Those Germans know how to portage!!

  16. daveo4

    Winter weekend paddle in Maryland

    Now I know for a lot of you winter is a lot of snow and -20 degrees, But here in Maryland it isn't quite that bad. In spite of a "winter storm" warning this past weekend three of us decided to go canoeing. I am planning a two week paddle down the Connecticut River next July from the US/Canadian...
  17. daveo4

    Canoe floatation??

    I have seen little info on adding bow and stern floatation bags to canoes other than whitewater canoes. Most canoes have enough floatation that they won't sink if swamped but not enough to be self rescued easily, if at all. Does anyone here have float bags in any of their canoes? I am thinking...
  18. daveo4

    Wpascr 20134

    The Coopers Lake campground calendar has the solo canoe event listed for 7-9 June. The WPASCR site shows it being held the weekend before. Can anyone(yellowcanoe???) shed some light on actual dates? Dave
  19. daveo4

    Fire destroys Placid Boatworks

  20. daveo4

    Assateague National Seashore trip after Sandy

    I spent 3 days kayaking Assateague last week after they opened up the backcountry sites with my friends Ralph and Gina. Ferry Landing is still closed as a launch but the other one (where they rent canoes during the summer) is fine. Lots of trees down in the backcountry but they have all been...