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    A Happy Holiday To All

    Merry Christmas and a happy new paddling year to all. Carl
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    Artificial rain gutters from an unexpected source

    Needed taller artificial rain gutters for the cap on new to me truck. The ones I had made for the previous truck were too short and Thule and Yakima looked to be short and very expensive. Found Carr 220052 Gutter-Less Mount Kit. They seem to be working just fine. They are for mounting light...
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    Coping with the heat

    Your heat is normal for me. Here in Florida we just basically live inside after 10:00 am. Unless you launch before dawn no canoeing. What just dose not make sense is that most launches around me open at 8:00am. Wife has taught the dog to turn on the widow AC unit. We use it when sleeping...
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    Howdy from Florida!

    While others here dread the winter of hard water us Florida paddlers can hardly wait for winter. Welcome to the community.
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    Seasoning a cast iron pan?

    Decided not to try and get the factory seasoning out of the pan. Just to season the pan myself also to make sure it has been done right. No one here seems to be concerned with the factory seasoning as I was. Using vegetable oil in the oven twice then BACON a couple of times. Any excuse to cook...
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    Seasoning a cast iron pan?

    Just bout a new 10" Lodge brand cast iron pan. They claim is is preseasoned with vegetable oil. What is the way you would proceed with seasoning this? The claim of preseasioning kind of troughs me off on were to start.
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    Returning to the canoe after decades

    Yellow canoe paid $120.00 for an Sony slt-a55v and $35.00 for the tamron. Using a mostly abandoned lense mount and watching auctions for a long time pays off. Shepard wow what a set up . Understand why it dose not come out till you are off the water. You most likely will end up getting...
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    Returning to the canoe after decades

    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing what photography equipment you end up using while canoeing. Have found that a supper zoom tamron 28- 300 seems to work well from the canoe. Seems though I am always wanting more zoom until that one shot comes along that need s a close shot...
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    Little help with a fixer upper!

    Ash is what is usually used for gunwels. Hard to find Ash in the Orlando area. if you have a wood workshop with a surface planer and a router table wood surch on Craigslist for hard wood lumber. There is a add we're the boards are standing up right against a wall. His name is Jhon. Some...
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    It's been a while. Any updates to your ditch bag?

    Replacing my dry bags and dry box at this time is not an option, But doing something to make them more visible is. Was wondering what could be used. I often see bright pink plastic streamer / tape that surveyors and others use as markers. Wonder were to buy and if it would work. Taking the...
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    Only Two Seasons

    Here in central FL there are two seasons. Too hot to be outside and gets dark before I get home. My soil is so bad nothing can be planted directly into it . Missed being on the river last weekend to do some spring planting in my modified rain gutter garden. Planting in containers with a...
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    Dog food options

    4Health Proformance keeps a very active border collie full with one cup in the morning and another at night. Other foods take more. Can be ordered on line from Tractor Supply. We feed them a ever changing deit. From cooking for them to dry food. He gets a light red belly if feed dog food...
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    If you could have only two canoes. . . .

    Easy. Bell Northstar and Wildfire. Both in black gold.
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    GOOD powerboat traffic?

    Went out Monday mourning on a paddle we only do when it is a week day. Too many possible power boats during the weekend. The ones we did encounter were the nice fishermen. Not the crazy I need to get to the next spot as fast as possible in my way over powered bass boat. While not reading the NO...
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    It's been a while. Any updates to your ditch bag?

    My hurricane prep was done a couple of months ago. New brushes in the generator, changed the oil in the generator. checked canned food, batteries, bought more fuel for the camp stove(marked emergency use only), filled up the gas cans and other things. Had not thought about it but the canoe...
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    It's been a while. Any updates to your ditch bag?

    It has been awhile since we have discussed this topic. Getting ready for the cooler weather. The kind that dose not bake your brains here in Florida. Going to be going through my self rescue bag soon. It is a little bigger than a ditch kit but has the same principle behind it. So fire...
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    Film Cameras

    Just wanted to give encuragment to Erica to use film. I believe that that camera she will be using has a internal light meter. That helps a lot when using a filter or zoom.Take notice of the differance between the hand held light meter and internal when using a filter and at different points on...
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    Paddles and planes

    Buying a seat is not as far fetched as it sounds. The base player of Ronda Vincent and the Rage buys a seat for his base. Don't mean a guitar either. You could use a cello hard case for the plane or shipping.
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    Back Yard Find- 92 Mad River Explorer kevlar

    Robin could you post pictures of the Mohawk when you are done with it. Would like to see what you do with it. The Blazer is a much better hull than many think. With wood work by you it should be relatively nice.
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    Canoes & Dogs...

    FatherWest apologize about continuing/stealing your thread. Would like to know if the canoe going dogs remember spots from previous trips? Is a hard ("hard headed" or stubborn) that is harder to train but wont give up on a task or a soft that is easier to train but also will end a given task...