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    Super bummed.

    Just can't get my weight down enough. The advertised total weight limit for the Old Town sportsman 119 is 354 pounds. I'm at 327. Thats better than last year (I was 20 pounds over) but still not good enough. I can't ditch anything else. Ill be on the Rock in Illinois, and its a fairly fast...
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    High calorie foods

    Does anyone make their own trip foods? I need something at least vaguely palatable that won't freeze solid, doesn't weigh a lot, and has the highest calorie per gram possible. I am experimenting with lard/macadamia nut powder/pemican bars, wrapped in seaweed, but so far I haven't really made a...
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    This is going to be a long boring intro, but I want to get a bunch of the weird stuff out of the way right off the bat. So for the last couple years I have been doing winter canoe trips in Northern Illinois, building up to about 800 miles next winter hooefully, Dec 1st to maybe March...