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    Artificial rain gutters from an unexpected source

    Needed taller artificial rain gutters for the cap on new to me truck. The ones I had made for the previous truck were too short and Thule and Yakima looked to be short and very expensive. Found Carr 220052 Gutter-Less Mount Kit. They seem to be working just fine. They are for mounting light...
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    Seasoning a cast iron pan?

    Just bout a new 10" Lodge brand cast iron pan. They claim is is preseasoned with vegetable oil. What is the way you would proceed with seasoning this? The claim of preseasioning kind of troughs me off on were to start.
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    It's been a while. Any updates to your ditch bag?

    It has been awhile since we have discussed this topic. Getting ready for the cooler weather. The kind that dose not bake your brains here in Florida. Going to be going through my self rescue bag soon. It is a little bigger than a ditch kit but has the same principle behind it. So fire...
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    Am I too hardcore?

    At Disney with wife and the most interesting thing is looking at the beat up Grumman canoes they have for decorating. Tryinb to figure out what made the dent.
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    We're to buy gel coat

    Will be starting back on the Bell Star Fire project in a month or so when it gets just a little warmer here in Florida. Have the peel ply already. Just need almond colored gel coat. Northstar has some but would like to see if another place would have a better price. Any ideas on were to get gel...
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    How good is a ten degree bent shaft paddle? What can it do?

    Have maybe found a bargain that I can afford. A ten degree composite bent shaft paddle that weighs 16 oz for $105.00 new. Little stock left so will share the details later. Yes it is from a major manufacture. Just trying to figure out if it is worth buying a 10 degree paddle for use in a...
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    Juniper springs run us closed but section useable

    Juniper springs run is closed at the head right now. Was able to make it up to the rapids from tell take out an then back down past the take out to the St Johns river. Nice little paddle if you can sit on the bottom oof you're canoe ando limbo.
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    Old cheap (nowadays) lense that can be used with modern Sony DLSR.

    This post was inspired by Yellow canoes response in another thread about using old cheep lenses with out VR. Was looking around for lenses for my Nikon DLSR and was finding that a 28-300 wide angle was out of my affordability range. Bought a used Nikon D3100 as I was tired of not having enough...
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    How to convince wife to let canoe into house.

    Trying to figure how to get permission from wife to let a few of the fleet into the house. Do not know if the wood canoe barn/workshop will make it past 150 mph winds. The cement block house should be ok. Going to put two in the garage. Have decided not to take with us If we evacuate. If we do...
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    The beater canoe. It brings a smile to my face. Scratches are a good thing.

    Another thread “Effect of scratches on canoe efficiency” has me thinking about my beater canoe. A Mohawk Blazer from 1979 which started its life as a rental. It was canoe #3 or so the number on its side tells me. Scratches? Well lets just say if you get a new one no one can tell. It has been...
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    Bell logo source?

    Thinking about sanding the gel-coat on the Starfire rebuild project. Was wondering if any one had a source for Bell logos? ORC still owns Bell canoe even though they are doing nothing with it. Wounder who to contact there.
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    Bell StarFire rebuild. Lots of questions and hopfully a few answers.

    On the Fourth of July found a Bell on Craigslist about 95 minutes away. Person that was selling did not know much about it over the phone a was kind of wary of asking to many questions and the price going up. So I left in a hurry to beat any one else to it thinking some one had just added a...
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    Advice on putting small paddler in a Wildfire

    Now my wife is a dedicated tandem paddler who loves working together while paddling. In places that require a lot of constant turning she is the best bow partner you could ask for. Sanding in the bow of a Bell Northstar is done with great ease. While I was putting the Wildfire away...
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    A new canoe support group in Florida. A rambling thought.

    Well about a month ago received an invitation to join a meet up group for canoes only. Mission statement is that they want to see more canoes on the water. This sounded good to me so we joined up with "a canoe meetup". Didn't hurt that the first trip was the Econ witch was a run I have been...
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    How to make new Eds canoe seats darker in color

    So we are replacing the seats in a canoe with Eds Canoe comfort seats. Ordered ash. Well after the holes are drilled and the ends cut to length the wife ask "what are going to do to make the seat a darker color to match the gunwales?" So is there any thing that can be done to darken finished...
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    Bell Kev Light layup questions?

    How fragile is the Bell Kev light layup? Have experiance with Black gold and White gold. Thinking about a Bell Northstar in Kev light. How dose it last and take punishment. Will have to sell my Northstar in Fiberlair layup If I get this Kev light one. Looking for lighter weight as I age and...
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    Ichetucknee Springs last minute

    This is a real long shot. Would any one like to do the Ichetucknee Springs run from the north entrance to the bridge on the Santa Fe river in Florida this Saturday 5/7/25. Some one backed out on us. Weather is looking to be perfect. Planning to meet at the bridge at 7:00 am and be at the...
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    Dry box size for Dslr.

    Found a broken Nikon D3100 that was able to get for a song. Glued the mirror back in. Seems to be working just fine. Just because I afford to lose this camera dose not mean I want to take too many chances with it. Would like to be able to bring along in the canoe. Looking a dry boxes and...
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    While browsing Craigslist tonight a just listed and in almost show room floor shape Mad River Kevlar Explorer showed up. Not twenty minutes from my house. Heck most of my canoe purchases have been late night last minute three hour drives each way. So close by. Even has wood paddles. One of...
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    Any one coming to Florida winter/spring 2016?

    Would love to get together with some of you and put faces to the personality's that I love hearing from. Drooling over your canoes would be great too. Do not get to see too many around this area. Paddling paradise and all I see are double blades. Any way it has been a warm winter and water...