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  1. daveo4

    Poll: How many years have you been paddling?

    I guess I got a late start being about 40 or so but 31 years of paddling has been a lot of fun!!
  2. daveo4

    Critter added insult to injury of the roll-top table

    I feel your pain, Chip. Last weekend I had a grey squirrel chew a hole in my critter proof (?), odor proof blue barrel. Not through the body, but through the edge of the lid and into the blue plastic. No food lost but it ruined the barrel. Regards, Dave
  3. daveo4

    Maps. What do you do with 'em?

    I love maps and charts. When I was a navigator on a ship I used to save the old charts when a new addition came out instead of throwing them away. They were all corrected manually and were usable. I kept them flat under my bunk mattress (rolling charts and maps is a no-no !). One dark and...
  4. daveo4

    Nice ADK article by one of our members

    Can Greenfrog explain why his dog merits a PFD but his wife does not :)?
  5. daveo4

    Fund Raiser for Another Year

    Doug, PayPal donation sent. Thanks for stepping up. Big shoes to fill. I have seen Robins feet so I know!!! Regards, Dave
  6. daveo4

    Learning the 17' Wenonah Advantage

    Kayak Kens recommendation is a good one I have a similar set up in my canoe.
  7. daveo4

    We-no-nah solo canoe - advice please

    I ran into Dave Kruger in 2015. He was driving the Wenonah delivery truck that was making a delivery our local canoe and kayak shop.
  8. daveo4

    Report on Adirondack gathering

    Sounds like a good time was had by most. I was on LTL the last week in Sep for 3 nights on site 2 and it was flat calm for 4 straight days!! Luck of the draw. Regards to all, Dave
  9. daveo4

    Grand Tetons, String and Leigh Lakes

    Pringles, ​Thanks for the TR. Do you still keep a website going with your trip reports? I lost track of it as it seemed you were no longer posting there. I enjoyed going thru your adventures. regards, ​Dave
  10. daveo4

    2017 Bog R/Low's L Video

    Nice video. I have never seen the water that low between the dams. regards, Dave
  11. daveo4

    Hello from Maryland

    Actually I find the Pax a bit boring. The campsites are nice though.
  12. daveo4

    ​What have you forgotten on a trip?

    Glenn, The MH stuff will be fine. A recent story is that guys at the MH processing plant opened some that were over 30 years old, tested and then ate them. They were as good as the day they were made. I believe they no longer put expiration dates on the packages, just manufacturing dates...
  13. daveo4

    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome from another Marylander! Camping at the backcountry sites at Assateague is nice in the off season when the bugs are gone. The Patuxent River also has paddle - in campsites (reservations required). Both require that you pack in your fresh water as there are no sources available. Have fun...
  14. daveo4

    Winter Camping with Tierney

    Enjoyed watching that. Nice to see what fellow Canoetripping members are doing when they aren't tripping. Thanks for finding and posting, Robin. Regards, ​Dave
  15. daveo4

    Like button

    My wife posted two pictures on her facebook page one day: one of me and one of the dog. The dog got twice as many likes as I did!! It still smarts to think about it!! Ragards, 2nd place Dave
  16. daveo4

    1921 Thompson/Hiawatha

    I have never seen the bottom interior finished like that. Was that common with particular builders or is that as unusual as it looks? Maybe it was an owner modification.
  17. daveo4

    Counting Strainers

    Hi Chip, ​What part of the Pax were you on?
  18. daveo4

    Barrens build

    Pretty much all Wenonah canoes offered today have symmetrical rocker (those that actually have rocker!) and with few exceptions have asymmetrical sheer lines.
  19. daveo4

    ​Assateague backcountry paddling (and fall closure dates)

    A couple of us try to get a 3 day paddle in there between the closures and Christmas. I just got summoned for jury duty (federal court) for the month of December so I might not make it this year. Mike is right- this is the best time to camp in the Assateague backcountry.
  20. daveo4

    canoe in deer hunt 2016

    Robin ​What creek was it that you paddled up with the beaver dams?? Was that the connecting creek from Horseshoe Lake? Dave