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  1. 27 ELKS

    Is there a free giveaway on this site?

    There seems to be quite a spike in visitors to this site. For months, when I logged in there was usually between 70-125 visitors. Recently when I log in there are around 200 visitors. The number of members remains stable, but visitors have gone way up. This seems too good to be true. Is...
  2. 27 ELKS

    Trip "cut" short

    Took my Wenonah fisherman to Lewey Lake, NY to fish for a week. Second day while splitting wood, split my ankle instead to the tune of 19 stitches. Since I couldn't get the leg wet or dirty, I headed for home on Monday. The RN at the Primary Care center said I did a "great" job bandaging my...
  3. 27 ELKS

    Was this divine intervention?

    I received an email from an auction house. There was an Epic GP kayak up for auction. I'm not in the market for a kayak but it looked to be brand new, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It looked to be made of the carbon innegra (sp) that swift uses. It came with a carbon seat(still had the...
  4. 27 ELKS

    1987 Curtis Dragon Fly on Harrisburg CL

    Not mine. Near Frederick, MD. Sunset Orange 87 dragon fly with float bags, and knee pads. $999 or B/O
  5. 27 ELKS

    Curtis "Ladybug" on Rochester Craiglist

    There is a Ladybug listed on Rochester CL for $1400 if anyone is interested.
  6. 27 ELKS

    Antique Canoe on ebay

    "Antique Canoe 15 feet cedar straps very old" listed for $395 or make offer, it's in East Orleans, Mass. I'm basically computer illiterate, so I can't post the listing. This should make it easy to find though.
  7. 27 ELKS

    Slipstream Question?

    A friend of mine said he saw a Slipstream "Experimental" canoe today. Would that be a model, like Impulse or wee lassie or is it indeed an "experimental" canoe?
  8. 27 ELKS

    Who's going to Paddlefest in Old Forge?

    I'll be there Friday thru Sunday, then I'll head North to do some fishing for a few days.
  9. 27 ELKS

    Need suggestions!

    I will be attending paddlefest in Old Forge in 2 weeks to test and probably purchase a new canoe. Most of my canoeing experience has been fishing on small ponds and lakes in my wenonah 14' fisherman. I want to expand that to do some solo day trips and a few overnighters on bigger water. I'm...
  10. 27 ELKS

    Canoe "pack boat" on craigslist

    If anyone is interested there is a posting for a canoe "pack boat" on Rochester, NY craigslist. It's in Amherst,NY according to the post. It states Length 12' 4," 27" beam and weighs 20 lbs. Asking $700 I don't know what the make is, but I'm sure someone here will know. I'm new to all this.