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  1. dschult2

    FCFS campsites

    That has been debated ad nauseam over on the BWCA website. The general consensus is that only you know if your really stuck and then yes safety trumps all. At that point it is LNT, no fire, cold camp, and out at first light.
  2. dschult2

    Tips for Training Puppies in Canoes Requested

    I think your well on your way. Really the same concepts apply to kayaks and canoes. When training I like to have treats on hand, lots and lots of treats. Good ones too, not just their dry kibble. Every time they do something you like, praise and a treat. Lots of treats also makes them want...
  3. dschult2

    FCFS campsites

    I'm with you that I like reservation type sites in more popular locations like Algonquin and the BWCA. That is a huge turn off for the boundary waters and one of the reasons I typically avoid going. It's my feeling that if they're going to make you camp on their sites you need to be able to...
  4. dschult2

    (Another) help me find a new solo canoe

    In hindsight I wish I would have gotton the carbon footbar instead of the kayak braces but that's what happens when you go against your gut and try to save money. You end up regretting it later on. At least they give something to brace against. That's why I say get what you want the first time...
  5. dschult2

    Old Town Pack Solo

    I'm not that familiar with facebook. Tried find it but couldn't. Link? Not planning on posting here?
  6. dschult2

    (Another) help me find a new solo canoe

    Foot braces are nice if you are using a double bladed paddle, even in the upper seat height position, which I do quite often. But if you don't [lan on using a double blade at all you wouldn't need them, nor the seat pod for that matter. But my way of thinking is your spending a good amount of...
  7. dschult2

    (Another) help me find a new solo canoe

    I'll say it again. Swift Prospector 14 with adjustable height seat pod and either carbon foot bar or kayak foot braces. You won't regret it regardless of price:-)
  8. dschult2

    Can I borrow your axe?

    I don't know why but I could watch that guy split wood and paddle a canoe all day.
  9. dschult2

    Adirondack new member

    Jackpot! Finding a good used Swift is like winning the lottery. The Kee doesn't have the greatest initial stability but that's what makes it so manueverable though. The secondary stability is great though do still plenty stable enough. Not sure how it will do with your dog though. My Kee 14 was...
  10. dschult2

    West Coast Explorer

    Welcome! Lots of great folks here.
  11. dschult2

    Hello from Sundridge

    Welcome! Gotta admit I'm a little jealous of your local. Beautiful country.
  12. dschult2

    Another BWCA route suggestion

    Yeah I would never do a summer trip to the Bdub, even before Covid and certainly not now. I am heading in May 16th and hoping it won't be too busy but all the permits are going fast so I fear it will be. Would love to go in the week before but want to fish and the opener is not till the 15th...
  13. dschult2

    ​What to do with the vehicle parked on a long trip?

    My biggest fear is coming back and finding my tires slashed or gone. I have insurance to replace stolen items but would hate to be stuck with no way to get back.
  14. dschult2

    Another BWCA route suggestion

    You might want to post this question on the message board over at BWCA.com. You should get quite a few responses.
  15. dschult2

    Dog PFD

    As stated already Ruffwear is top of the line. I have their dog backpack and the quality is excellent. I've heard good things too about the NRS CFD dog life jacket if your looking to spend a little less money.
  16. dschult2

    Greetings from the little finger of Michigan.

    Welcome! Very cool! Would love to build my own canoe someday. I from Grand Rapids but have a cabin in Lake county. I visit your neck of the woods quite often.
  17. dschult2

    Hernia Trippin'

    I had hernia surgery with mesh when I was 20 years old. Hurt like hell and I could barely walk for a week but after that it was fine and I was back at work with no weight restrictions. Still going strong today at 45 with no issues.
  18. dschult2

    Wabakimi 15 day solo trip video

    Nice video. I left a message over on your channel but will ask here as well. Wondering about vehicle safety. Did you leave your vehicle at the put in or use an outfitter to shuttle?
  19. dschult2

    Adirondack new member

    Welcome from Michigan. I have two Swift solo's myself. Keewaydin 14 for my daughter or a friend to use and Prospector 14 for when I trip with my dog. Can't say enough good things about their boats.