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  1. BWCA66

    A bit of BWCA history/nostalgia.

    This rock face tells an almost 100 year story of the BWCA. It's not uncommon to see water and ice lines on the rocks in BWCA lakes but this one is quite different, as are the rocks all around Little Gabbro, Gabbro & Bald Eagle lakes. The current lines are 1-2 feet higher than the water level...
  2. BWCA66

    Not quite the BWCA

    Five miles from the BWCA where on the day we went there were over 200 groups and probably over 1,000 people entering, here - not so much. Also, no permits, no fees and picnic tables at every campsite. Here's my favorite picture of the trip - the parking lot at our entry point! We saw NOBODY...
  3. BWCA66

    Thwarts & Seat placement opinions

    Looking for some opinions and I know I'll get them here! :cool: Maybe even a few related to my questions......:) So my 17' Merrimack get rather unstable when someone north of 220 lbs is in the bow seat. The hull is a kevlar/carbon build and it's a symmetrical canoe. First thwarts, there is no...
  4. BWCA66

    Gunnel plug

    A couple of years ago I added a 3rd seat to my canoe. Worked great for tripping with 3 people especially if the 3rd was a kid. I've decided to pull it for now and if I do want 3 again I'm going to use a different seat so I need to plug 2 of the holes I made to hang it. Question is this -...
  5. BWCA66

    BWCA, May 2020

    The BWCA opened last Monday and I took two newbies in for a 5 night trip on Wednesday. We entered at #41 - Brule lake. Neither newbie had ever paddled a canoe much and had never done a portage. We hit the water around noon after a six hour drive avoiding staying anywhere overnight on the way...
  6. BWCA66

    BWCA Open!?

    Minnesota is lifting the stay at home order Sunday at midnight and allowing dispersed and remote camping so it is highly likely the Feds will follow suit and reopen the BWCA Monday for overnight use. Whether or not they also remove the fire ban remains to be seen.
  7. BWCA66

    Lighten it up with some fun pics

    While we're waiting for the snow to melt and the quarantine to end let's just have some fun. Post a pic of your canoe or canoes "sequestered" in for the night at a campsite, no comments just pics. And if you want, start another thread with a different pic topic. Ready, go!
  8. BWCA66

    First paddle of 2020

    Finished painting and oiling the woodwork of my backwaters canoe so I took the pup for a paddle today. It was 70F in so. MN today and canoeing is allowed although you're supposed to stay close to home but no one defines what close means. So I drove a couple of miles and dropped in where the...
  9. BWCA66

    Gunwales & decks

    So I have 4 strip type hulls in my shop, 3 cedar and 1 redwood, that need to be finished. Thinking of going without scuppers on the gunwales and designing the decks so water can drain when flipped. Most strip
  10. BWCA66

    Coronavirus Question

    So, if I get exposed and need to be quarantined for 14 days does a solo canoe trip count???? Think I might get exposed right around ice out..........................................
  11. BWCA66

    BWCA February 2020

    Took a 4 day 3 night trip into the BWCA this past weekend. Built myself a new trekking sled and a simple Wanigan (based on Robins YouTube build of his) for this trip. The sled was a vast improvement from using a plastic 4' sled and the Wanigan served multiple tasks as a gear hauler and table...
  12. BWCA66

    Knife Lake BWCA, September 2019

    Spent 5 nights in the BWCA this past September with my brother. We put in at the entry point on Moose Lake just outside of Ely, MN and made our way to Knife Lake that sits right on the border. Our plan was to take it easy and spend a couple of days getting there but the weather was cool, misty...
  13. BWCA66

    Canoe transport

    Transported a canoe between members on my last trip east and thought I'd throw it out there that I'm making another run in a couple of weeks. Current plan has me leaving so. MN on Dec. 3rd and making stops in Rochester and New Baltimore NY, Atlanta GA, Nashville TN and the back to MN. Weather...
  14. BWCA66

    Webbed Seats

    So if you were going to web some seats, what size and type of webbing would you use? Standard 1"? Polypropylene, nylon, polyester? OK, go.....................
  15. BWCA66

    New paddleing partner!

    ​Although I don't think she'll paddle much.
  16. BWCA66

    Gunwale wood?

    So I recently acquired 2 strip hulls, one cedar and one redwood, and I'm trying to decide on gunwale wood. What different woods have you all used?
  17. BWCA66

    Gunnels installation question

    So the question is, does anyone (else) prefit their inner gunnels along with their decks and then put them together in a football shape and then fit them in the canoe and install them right along with the outer gunnels? I'll post more pics of the process as I work on this later in the week. Greg
  18. BWCA66

    "New" as yet unidentified canoe

    Picked this up today, was told it was 18' but I think it's closer to 16'. It's a redwood hull that was built about 20 years ago and never finished. Needs, gunwales, decks, seats, thwarts and some tender loving care. Doesn't appear to have much rocker and looks symmetrical but does have some...
  19. BWCA66

    Modify or start over?

    ​ So the strongback is 16' and it needs to be 24.5' - do I attempt to add on, one end or both ends or do I just start over? All the station widths need to change too. ​