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  1. Muskrat

    1924 Old Town South Central Iowa

    This is not my listing, it just came up on my craigslist notifications. Iowans and Missourians might be interested. looks to be in good shape. If anybody here buys it you have to let me paddle it sometime haha https://desmoines.craigslist.org/atq/6265790194.html
  2. Muskrat

    Upper Jacks Fork, MO (Video)

    Floated the Jacks Fork from the Prongs to Alley Spring for Memorial Day weekend. Gauges were running good all the way up and there's significant flood damage the whole way. Here's a video of some skinny parts of the upper section. I did some practice up hill poling too since that's my weakest...
  3. Muskrat

    Poling through south Kansas City (video)

    I went down the Blue River that runs through Kansas City last Thursday after work. I didn't have too much time so it's just a downstream run. The Blue is highly rain dependant, there's only a few hours of optimal water level after good rains if you don't want to wade. Of course, I forgot to turn...
  4. Muskrat

    1913 Old Town in Des Moines

    Not up my alley, but maybe for one of you guys up in Iowa. https://desmoines.craigslist.org/atq/6005059230.html
  5. Muskrat

    Poler's Poll. Helmets?

    Do you wear a helmet?
  6. Muskrat

    Russell Green River Knives

    I used to like the Mora stainless companions for canoe camping, but in the last year I've made the switch to Green River knives and I can't be happier. They're on par with Moras at about $20 a piece. If you just buy blanks and make your own scales they can be had for $8-15. It's become somewhat...
  7. Muskrat

    Rio Frio Texas (Video)

    I spent a few days on the Frio River west of San Antonio this last week. I was hoping to get in another river, but the cold front followed me down there and put me out of commission for a few days. I highly recommend the Frio if anyone is in the area. There are only about 40 miles total, but it...
  8. Muskrat

    Texas Trip Suggestions

    I'm going to head down to Texas for a couple weeks. I'm planning to float the Frio but that will only take me two days, so I'm looking for another river or two, two or three day trips. I'll be taking my kevlar canoe, poling most of the time, so shallow water shouldn't be an issue. Anywhere in...
  9. Muskrat

    Aluminum Pole Treatment

    I just made an aluminium pole from Texas Towers tubing. I put some marine wax on it this morning after cleaning it as good as I could with acetone. As soon as I applied the wax my rag was going black with aluminum oxide. It seemed like the wax was making it worse. Am I just going to be stuck...
  10. Muskrat

    Composite Whitewater Layup Advice

    I picked up a Mohawk Viper 12 the other day. WW boats don't show up too often around here, so I figured it would make a nice beater for my Ozark travels or running some flooded urban Kansas City rivers. Of course now that I have it my mind is wandering to excessive thoughts. I figure it would be...
  11. Muskrat

    Strip Canoe Wood Alternatives (and Engineering Properties) an Essay?

    I seem to do more dreaming and designing than actual building. I have three designs that have yet to be built. At least it's cheaper. I might have some time off unemployed in the next couple months, so once again I'm thinking of a build. I'm thinking a short pack style canoe. 10 ft, but wider...
  12. Muskrat

    Paddle blade protection

    I got to go out on one last canoe trip for the season this weekend. We paddled the Big Piney River in Missouri. It is a low water river especially with the lack of rain here lately. We got out and drug a lot and did a lot of pushing with our paddles and butt scooting over the rocky shoals. All...
  13. Muskrat

    Alan Gage famous canoeist

    Looks like Alan is our local celebrity. I searched google for the forum on a device that I don't have the site bookmarked on, and Alan comes up as one of the sites sub options. We've got a regular Cliff Jacobson on our hands. Eat your heart out Charlie Wilson, there's a new kid on the block.
  14. Muskrat

    White Water Canoe Plans

    I've been fiddling around with designing a solo canoe for running some Ozark rivers. There isn't any real serious whitewater to negotiate, up to and including class 3. I'm looking for a canoe for only river running. Does anyone here have plans or know of anything available along these lines? I...
  15. Muskrat

    100% Homemade Canoe

    I'm just spitballing this while I sit out on my porch drinking beers on a perfect night. Is it possible to build a canoe from only self harvested material, with a caveat of where I live, in Kansas? I obviously can't build a birch bark, so it would have to be some sort of canvas or hide covering...
  16. Muskrat

    Cheap Ergometer

    I don't get to go out and paddle every day, and I need to stay in better shape, so I rigged up a cheap solution today. It is not nearly the same as the real thing, but it should give me a decent workout. I cut the blade off a Carlisle paddle and put an eye bolt through the shortened blade rib so...
  17. Muskrat

    $2 thermarest pillow

    I made a thermarest style pillow for a couple bucks today. It's just a piece of scrap foam that they sell at fabric stores that I stuffed into a gallon ziplock. It compresses down nice and flat and airs itself up in less than a second when you open the bag.
  18. Muskrat

    Abrasion Resistance in Epoxy

    I started a new test last night to determine if I can add some extra abrasion resistance to the outside of a hull. Most of the rivers I paddle are shallow and sandy or shallow and rocky, and it's tough to bear the scratches from every single trip in my boats. Running aground is guaranteed...
  19. Muskrat

    Hooked on wooden boats podcast

    Dennis from northwest canoe is on the hooked on wooden boats podcast this week. I'm just starting to listen to the episode, but it sounds like Dennis is going to talk about his cannonball drop tests among other things. You can listen here… http://hookedonwoodenboats.com or on iTunes.
  20. Muskrat

    Solo Guideboat Design

    I'm heading out to meet some friends in a few minutes, but I wanted to post this up quickly and see what everyone thinks. In one of my first posts on this site I alluded to a boat design I was working on. It is based on an Adirondack guideboat, which I am obviously a fan of, but suited...