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  1. 27 ELKS

    Worst Campsite Neighbors?

    I must admit, I was once the bad neighbor. In my early 20's there were 4 of us camping at a site and we may have been a bit loud. We got our pay back at 7 the next morning, when the couple at the next camp site unleashed their 3 kids on their big wheel tricycles, riding circles around our...
  2. 27 ELKS

    Anagram tripping name?

    "Prefer Da Keg," :cool: My name, not my tripper name. Can't get much from 27 ELKS.
  3. 27 ELKS

    The Hummingbirds have landed!

    Looking forward to our first hummingbird. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground and it's snowing right now in Wyoming county, NY. I guess it might be awhile.:D
  4. 27 ELKS

    Describe your seasons and climate

    Living in the snow belt SE of Buffalo is not as much fun as it used to be. This year we have decided to become Snowbirds. We are easing into it, only spending 6 weeks on the Gulf Coast this year. Next year, probably 3-4 months. With the way NY taxes are, the SAFE act, and Cuomo, it may be...
  5. 27 ELKS


    Gee Glenn, I'm 65 and my mother used to drink Carling's. I think it was because at 16 years old I still new a bad beer if I tasted it, and wouldn't steal any of hers.:D The most beer I've taken on a trip is 24. The beer I drink now is Coors water, I mean Coors Lite. I drink it because I get...
  6. 27 ELKS

    Is there a free giveaway on this site?

    There seems to be quite a spike in visitors to this site. For months, when I logged in there was usually between 70-125 visitors. Recently when I log in there are around 200 visitors. The number of members remains stable, but visitors have gone way up. This seems too good to be true. Is...
  7. 27 ELKS

    Do you Fish if so do you fly fish,spin cast bait cast of just use a can with string ?

    I have been a spin fisherman since I was about 2 years old, catching "Calicos" on Chautauqua Lake. I'm 65 now. We have a pond full of bluegills and largemouth that I hit 3-4 times a week, sometimes in a canoe, sometimes from shore. Our niece and nephew just retired and bought a home on the...
  8. 27 ELKS

    Live aboard motor canoe project

    Gee, and I was pretty proud of myself when I made a bass plug from a clothes pin.:D
  9. 27 ELKS

    Lows Lake deer camp 2017

    Thanks Robin, another very enjoyable video!
  10. 27 ELKS

    Campmor 20% discount

    It took me longer to read the Campmor exclusion list, than War and Peace.
  11. 27 ELKS

    Algonquin Park secret lake hotspot - Freedom of Information Act used to find identity

    If the government does not release the location to the filer, what's to keep Mr. Borger (or anyone that finds himself in this position in the future) from selling the info to the filer himself? This is in no way questioning Mr. Borger's integrity, it's a hypothetical question. You can put an...
  12. 27 ELKS


    GearFreak, you lost me at, "My guess is...":D
  13. 27 ELKS

    Trip "cut" short

    Actually, it was a camping/fishing trip at a drive in campsite. I stopped at one of those places that sell $5 squares of fire wood on the side of the road. It wasn't burning very well, so I decided to cut the pieces smaller. I was tapping it with an 18in. hatchet and a 4lb. sledge hammer...
  14. 27 ELKS

    Trip "cut" short

    Took my Wenonah fisherman to Lewey Lake, NY to fish for a week. Second day while splitting wood, split my ankle instead to the tune of 19 stitches. Since I couldn't get the leg wet or dirty, I headed for home on Monday. The RN at the Primary Care center said I did a "great" job bandaging my...
  15. 27 ELKS

    2017 Bog R/Low's L Video

    Enjoyed watching, thanks.
  16. 27 ELKS

    What are you reading?

    I'm (once again) reading an all time literary classic by Patrick F. McManus, "They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?" Is this book banned here?
  17. 27 ELKS

    Red bars?

    It is better to see bars and not need them, than to need bars and not see them.
  18. 27 ELKS

    Was this divine intervention?

    I received an email from an auction house. There was an Epic GP kayak up for auction. I'm not in the market for a kayak but it looked to be brand new, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It looked to be made of the carbon innegra (sp) that swift uses. It came with a carbon seat(still had the...
  19. 27 ELKS

    Arthritis increase linked to lack of physical activity...

    My wife is a retired RN. She was always a floor nurse who walked almost her entire shift. We hiked portions of the AT and did many hikes in the ADK. She now has arthritis in both her knees, wrists, fingers, and one ankle. The other ankle was replaced because of "Arthur" (her term). She...
  20. 27 ELKS

    How to kill up to 4000 mosquitoes every night, using your dog as bait.

    I don't think my dog's breath attracts mosquitos, I think it kills them!