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    Big square stern Grumman for McCrea/Joel

    I realize this is not geographically convenient for Mr. McCrea, but it sounded like the sort of Grumman that Mike had mentioned several times. Just an FYI. https://texoma.craigslist.org/boa/d/...519799294.html
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    Sponge ??

    A question for the learned. My old canoe sponge with it's tether, has gone awol, and must be replaced, as I have become accustomed to having it with me for all sorts of things. It had been on countless trips, and while I realize that any large sponge would work to a degree, I thought that asking...
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    Bow line advice needed

    Need some advice, tips, and preferred methods from you Pro's. I have been boating for most of my 63 years. Have had attached bow and stern lines on almost every vessel. Long story shortened down to "ouch". Was dragging a 16' tandem across a shallow sand bar, and had a braided nylon bow line...