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    Maine somewhere.

    I’m still on the fence, don’t count me out just yet. Jim
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    Worst medical situation you've had on a canoe trip

    As a teenager we went on a trip in the spring as that was the only time we could all go. We had a last minute change of adviser and it turned out two days in he was overwhelmed by black flies and allergic. His face swelled up losing his eyes and has hands were so swollen he couldn’t close them...
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    Reflector oven for sale

    Thanks Glen I just didn’t seem to load the whole website for me. Jim
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    Reflector oven build

    Now to finish out the build. With the side attached the next step was to secure the rack where it will attach to the front and then mark where the frame rod would intersect bottom reflector panel. I just realized I don’t have a good picture of this so I’ll try to describe it. In the space that...
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    Reflector oven for sale

    Due to my recent reflector oven builds my big oven is now redundant. So it is up for sale. It was bigger than I wanted at the time but was the only one I could find. Packed down it is 20 1/2” x 15” and the baking shelf is 10 1/2” x 19 1/4”. I bought it from Pole and Portage here in Maine maybe 6...
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    Reflector oven build

    When I decided to build the fire box I bought a sheet metal brake. I had several projects in mind and did I mention it was cheap? I thought it would be needed for the reflector oven to bend the sheet incrementally to form the the roll over for the wire. That was a disaster, it or I wasn’t up to...
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    Thwart and yoke plates

    Maybe there was some mishap and the bolt got pulled out the end grain of the thwart. That’s the only explanation I can think of. Of course you would have to take it all apart to verify that theory. Jim
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    Reflector oven build

    Now on to the sides. On the first one I cut everything oversized and trimmed things down as I learned how to wrap the plate around the wire and the allowances needed for corners and such. In the second one I knew what I was doing so was able to lay things out directly with minimum waste. I knew...
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    CD close to a book

    Thanks for sharing this. I had never heard of him and I love his work. A lot of his songs can be found on YouTube. But I most likely will buy a CD or two. Jim
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    Reflector oven build

    Thanks Rick. I forgot to mention a hardwood should be used and I don’t know if you can see it in the pictures but I eased the corner a little bit so as not to kink the rod too badly. Jim
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    50 year old 13 foot w/c Chestnut on Facebook North American Canoe Trader Groups

    I had a similar thought about paddling a 13’ boat tandem. Jim
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    50 year old 13 foot w/c Chestnut on Facebook North American Canoe Trader Groups

    Beautiful, love that color. A real time capsule. Jim
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    Reflector oven build

    The next step was bending the wire frames. I knew from the fire box how high I wanted the oven rack to be was seven inches, and I knew how wide the rack was, so using that information I knew what to bend for the frames. The first one I just marked the lengths with a sharpie and bent them. It...
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    First stripper build: Prospector-16 Help & comments appreciated

    Where did you get those giant rubber bands/moving straps? Jim
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    Reflector oven build

    This is how I built the reflector oven I recently showed over on the camp kitchen thread. On my very first oven I used aluminum that can be readily purchased at most hardware stores or home centers, the thickness is .022 and although it worked I found it a bit too thin and easily bent or...
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    Back to northern Quebec

    Have a safe trip. I look forward to the trip report. Jim
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    Looks like Koa to me. They are beautiful. Jim
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    Mason fire box and other musings

    Another detail I learned from making the steel ones was to slightly radius all the corners, before folding. It makes it much nicer to handle and slides into the bag easier. Jim
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    Mason fire box and other musings

    Hi Rubbaboo questions are good. I cut the blanks starting with the outer tray and that is 10”x14” I drilled a small hole at the apex of the corner cutouts in the hopes that it would help relieve any bending stresses. The sides that were folded up are 1”. So the outer tray when folded is...