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    Wood canvas canoe gathering?

    Robin, Keep me posted on locations, I don't have to travel far.
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    Thanks Glenn!

    Thanks Glen for stepping up to the plate & knocking it out of the park. It would have been a real loss. Hats off to You !
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    Aluminum brazing repair for aluminum canoe?

    Aluminum canoes are tempered to be mallable, once welded become brittle & prone to greater cracks, Memaquay hit the nail on the head, rough up the metal with sandpaper and repair inside and out with grey JB epoxy. As close to a permanent repair as you'll get.
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    I'm finally able to get back on line!!!

    Best of luck Grandpa , After getting all that out of the way nothing left but recuperation, sounds like your clearing the deck for future canoe trips!
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    Describe your seasons and climate

    "Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it." - Charles Dudley Warner
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    Raccoon attacks man in Pa.

    Al , that bear attack in Pa. You refer to was precipitated by the women's dog going after cubs the sow had with her , then the dog owner intervened thus the attack . The game wardens initially looked to find & destroy the bear but abandoned that effort after learning the backstory . Fortunately...
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    Raccoon attacks man in Pa.

    Al, when out in the woods of Pennsylvania ,You need to be concerned about your security at all times. You known its not as if your in a safe place like Alaska ! :rolleyes:
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    Deer Flies

    Big fleas have little fleas,on there backs to bite 'em, little fleas have smaller fleas, and so on infinitum. ( Not sure of source of quote.)
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    Free SPOT

    Robin, There must be some linkage between w/c canoes & horses ? I've had a bay gelding & a dappled grey mare for about fifteen years. But don't give up the canoeing , You can do both just not simultaneously.Looks like a good setup you've got there.Tip : Horses can be very cooperative for a...
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    give um a good shellacing

    Exactly , the choice between repainting the canoe or shellac below the waterline seems to favor the shellac, drys extremely quickly, can reapply a fresh coat whenever, affords an level of protection. I just have to figure best way to establish a waterline.
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    give um a good shellacing

    Thanks Fitz, I have about 10lbs. amber flake ( +/- 3 gals. of 3lb. cut ). 1 gal. should be plenty for a 15' canoe, but don't know how many coats should be applied. I would think You could shellac over paint as it seems to stick to anything.
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    give um a good shellacing

    Anyone shellac the bottom of their canoes, what pound cut & can you go over existing paint.
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    Guided, a nice video about an old Maine guide.

    Thanks Robin , I needed that , after being cooped up most of the winter that gives me the inspiration to get outside with the dog , .Tinkering with gear only takes you so far. Every night now I listen for the spring peepers , they are my bugle call. still some ice on the lakes but won't be long...
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    You know they did a study & found bone strength directly correlated to the amount of beer consumed daily but those folks needed it as they fell down the most !
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    Venison jerky ideas

    Sounds like a plan but put some foil on the bottom of the oven if you have plans on ever doing it again, don't ask how I know .You will be surprised at how long it takes but that's what you want, low & slow with many taste tests along the way.You'll wonder what you will do with all this & a few...
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    Venison jerky ideas

    Robin, Any way you have to dry it will work, I dry mine in the oven set on the lowest setting with the door cracked a pencil thickness. but a smoker, dehydrator, campfire, ect. has been used by others, just keep temp low so as not to cook it. You can rub it with salt ,spices ,sugar, or brine to...
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    It's Christmas Eve.

    Jon & all fellow trippers ; Eat ,Drink , & be Merry , Welcome Yule !!!
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    Report on Adirondack gathering

    Thanks Trippers for the great time ! This second annual gathering vies with the first for camaraderie , viands and allegory wrapped up with woodsmoke and water. My favorite mixture ! Great to meet the new attendees & see former cohorts again. Those who missed it, remember 98% of life is...
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    Loaded up...

    I'm on the same page with You Robin with that solo, wasn't that a Willow by Jerry Stelmok. Never seen one in the flesh before, fine lines on that craft, Oh so very fine. I really don't need another canoe but maybe ....... I just need a better sales pitch to the bride !
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    Adirondack Gathering October 6,7,8 & 9th- 2017

    The gang rides again. The pack is in bristol fashion & ready to sail , would send a picture but I don't own a cell phone ( spent all my money on wooden canoes, pack baskets & canvas tents, you've got to have priorities after all ! ). It will make it's grand premiere & maiden voyage to Little Tupper.