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  1. Iskweo

    Shortening canoe plans

    I am seeking some input from the builders out there. I have a set of plans for a 17 foot Morris cedar strip and am thinking of shortening them to 15-15.5 feet. The intent is for a solo canoe of lighter weight and just to have something different. ( I missed the 15 footer that was on Kijiji a...
  2. Iskweo

    Another one lives

    Who doesnt love an old chopper gun glass canoe? This is the stuff we grew up with before all the kevlar and cedar strip ones came along. Before we had the money to buy brand name boats. Our first canoes were usually aluminum, maybe a Sportspal or one like this old chopper gun boat that I came...
  3. Iskweo

    Maskwa getaway

    So my favourite enabler and I went hot tenting this week. I found a place that rents out hot tents complete with stove and wood and bunks with mattresses. This one is Gramma approved times two. It is only two hours from home but a world away. Quiet, remote, and a lovely place to get away. You...
  4. Iskweo

    Late season on the Assiniboine

    I got out for a nice paddle this week on the Assiniboine River just west of Winnipeg. We put in at the Baie St Paul bridge and came out at the trans canada highway overpass. The original plan was to go past there to Beaudry Park where my truck was. More on that later. I coerced my friend...
  5. Iskweo

    time marches on

    The boat below is the beloved Huron, a 15 foot Bastien Bros that I got from another CT member in London ON. I used it as a solo for a few years after restoring it . On thursday it will be leaving here and a kayak with some cash will be exchanged in the bargain. I am already having sellers...
  6. Iskweo

    Maskwa reboot

    My trip to Turtle River fell through for various reasons so when I got home I dropped a dime on my excellent friend Patricia and we headed up the Maskwa river for a couple of days of camping. This is a crown land site that I go to for a nice relaxing trip . It was her first off grid canoe...
  7. Iskweo

    Cypress River day trip

    I got out for a nice little day trip with a friend the other day on the Cypress River in southern Manitoba. Wow. What a beautiful place. We should have done a through trip with a pickup on the time for that. This is a lovely little river that winds through sandy hill country...
  8. Iskweo

    More snowshoeing

    It was a really nice sunny day the other day with a high of around minus 12 so I grabbed my gear and scooted out to do some shoeing. Since we had been having some snow lately I hoped for good cover in the bush. I was not disappointed. Three feet of nice powdery snow. It was warm in the bush too...
  9. Iskweo


    I have not been out even once this year with all the fire closures and excess heat. Along comes Charles Burchill with a Sunday morning poling clinic. I thought, what the hell. It looks interesting and I have wanted to meet Charles for a while now. So I have now been corrupted to the use of...
  10. Iskweo

    Snowshoe hike and orienteering

    I was supposed to go skiing with a group of ladies here today but ended up snowshoeing instead because of a blocked highway that prevented me from meeting up with them. I had planned to snowshoe anyway so I just turned north to the Agassiz Forest and cruised about looking for a trail to follow...
  11. Iskweo

    late October solo

    I have not been out since early september and missed a couple of beautiful opportunities so when this one came along I jumped on it. Karin was nice enough to let me take her Highlander so last Friday morning I loaded up and took off for Pine Falls and the Maskwa Project. The plan was to head...
  12. Iskweo

    Maskwa reboot

    I took my friends daughter and niece for a paddle on the Maskwa this week. A nice day trip. They are not very adept paddlers but they were doing good by the end of the day. We actually managed an on the water transfer between boats which was cool but they ended up ass over teakettle three times...
  13. Iskweo

    Canada 150

    So the 150th birthday celebration is coming up this weekend. There is a bunch of stuff going on in town. I am a little sad that I will miss that. But we have decided to celebrate in the most Canadian way we know of...a canoe trip. Nothing fancy or epic but in the spirit of the explorers like...
  14. Iskweo

    Day trip solo

    The weather has been warming up more and more every day. I got it into my head that this year I need to make up for the past two years that I didnt get on the water much. This is going to be the summer of many trips. I kicked it off with an April run up the Maskwa River. This is a nice little...
  15. Iskweo

    wood chopping

    I stumbled across this video on Utube the other day. Looks interesting.
  16. Iskweo

    Sunday snowshoe trip

    Not to be outdone by all you guys, I decided that it was so nice out today that a winter hike on showshoes was in order. It was sunny, temp around -3, with not too much wind. I gathered up a bit of gear...stove, pot, tea pot, some water and food, snatched my shoes off the wall and piled into the...
  17. Iskweo

    Boreal bailout

    I saw the weather report for this week and when the option of a cabin stay in Ear Falls was officially taken off the table I decided to get outta Town for a few days. There is a nice spot by Bissett MB that gets me onto the lower Wanipigow River. We have been there a couple of times. It used to...
  18. Iskweo


    Last week I was in need of some retail therapy so I took a quick drive after supper to look at an old canoe that was lurking around in some fellow's barn. He had sold a Langford earlier and when I contacted him about that one he mentioned that he had another old canoe that he was not sure of the...
  19. Iskweo

    Red River Canoe Boreal model for sale This one is on Winnipeg kijiji, one of Doug Ingrams boats, his version of a prospector.
  20. Iskweo

    oops I did it again

    Welll I could not help myself, I bought another frieghter today. 16.5 feet long Y stern. Cedar canvas. It has a fairly minor bash inthe front from a storm incident. Entirely fixable. There is one small snag though. It is sitting at my sisters place in southern Ontario. I just could not resist...