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    Trip report on Noatak/Colville Rivers in Gates of the Arctic NP and National Petroleum Reserve?

    The reason I ask is that I paddled an inflatable kayak, not a canoe. There was one Grabner inflatable canoe, several IK's and, believe it or not, a Feathercraft tandem folding sea kayak. Would a trip report on this 6 week 700+ mile trip be welcome? Best, Monel
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    Tangle Lakes - Delta River - Alaska Canoe Route - Day 3

    Day 3 finds us again floating casually down the Delta, it widens out, slows down, more flatwater than quickwater, as if it were impounded. In actuality it is. Eureka Creek, a glacial river, enters on river left, and the outwash delta pushes the Delta far up against the bluff on river right...
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    Tangle Lakes - Delta River - Alaska Canoe Route - Day 2

    A fresh day, almost too hot out, and it smelled fishy at the outlet of the last lake into the Delta River proper. I broke out my little spinning rig, tied on a yellow Rooster Tail (I had already swapped out that nasty treble hook for a single, clinched the barb too) and promptly caught 5...
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    Tangle Lakes - Delta River - Alaska Canoe Route - Day 1

    The story of a long weekend in Alaska. Should be enough to whet your appetite but not quite enough to obviate your own research before embarking on it. The Tangle Lakes - Delta River, a National Wild and Scenic River, is one the classic interior canoe routes in Alaska. It's got a bit of...
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    Purcell Trench Grills

    Came across these the other day, bought one, was so impressed I added another for a friend on his birthday. These things are sweet. A small shop makes them in the Selkirk Mountains in Northeastern Washington State, stainless, superb welds, great designs, very light but durable, perfectly...
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    Another from The Last Frontier

    Good Day, I've been paddling some thing or another since I was 8 years old and won the canoe race in an aluminum Grumman at YMCA Camp Douglass in Michigan. Got my first boat in the late 1970's, a 14' glass canoe from Bart Hauthaway, raced it on the Kenduskeag, wrong boat for racing but also...