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    Printing maps?

    All the Canadian topos are available for free download on line. Once downloaded, you could pay someone with a large format printer to print them for you (expensive) or just snip the sections you need off your screen and print them on ordinary 8.5 x 11 paper - only cost is the paper and toner...
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    Land of Light - Canada's Northern Oasis

    Wonderful photos, and informative text. I am resolved to remember some of those plant names. Now, if they would just let us in . . . wjmc
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    Let’s talk modern manufactured canoe length double blades

    Bending Branches: I've been very satisfied with mine. wjmc
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    Project Gutenberg eBook of The Long Labrador Trail by Dillon Wallace

    The Gutenberg site also offers a free download of Mina Hubbard's "A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador", recounting her rival 1905 expedition. Considering that both parties arrived in Northwest River on the same boat and spent time together at the George River post, it speaks to the enmity...
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    Photos of Portage / Canoe Carry Signs

    Most portages where I travel are not signed at all. This was an exception - Whitesand falls / Dam on the Reindeer River in northern Saskatchewan. I suspect lawyers were involved. -wjmc
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    Brief History and Overvue of construction of a Birch Bark Canoe (new)

    Certainly in northern Canada the birch trees were not large enough that a canoe could be made from one piece of bark. An interesting video on the Dogrib (Tlicho) birch bark canoe can be found here. Tlicho territory ran from Great Slave Lake north to the Barrens, where large trees of any type...
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    For those of you who like solitude of the solo canoe.

    Very enjoyable.
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    Toward The Source: An Arctic Odyssey

    I've been in touch with Norton Smith. He has no problem shipping to Canada, it's just a different rate that the website doesn't handle. I've ordered a copy with payment via PayPal, and am looking forward to watching it. wjmc
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    Toward The Source: An Arctic Odyssey

    Thanks for the replies. I should have mentioned that I don't have cable. I have sent him an e-mail, will update here when I get a reply, in case any other non-US members are interested. wjmc
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    Toward The Source: An Arctic Odyssey

    Is the full movie on line somewhere? I just found the trailer, and the "buy dvd" section on the website is restricted to US sales. I've paddled this route (years ago) and would really enjoy some up to date visuals to complement my fading slides. If not, I will email him and see if...
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    Snowdrift River, Northwest Territories (2001)

    Michael - that is your puppy, the only rapid of significance on the Snowdrift between the Eileen junction and Siltaza Lake, at about 109 d 13' W. Taken July 1, 2017. The little V on RL was my choice as well. I also hope to return to the NWT next year, but turning 70 next month I too am...
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    Snowdrift River, Northwest Territories (2001)

    A very enjoyable read, with great photos. A reminder of what will be missed this summer, with the NWT border closed. I am glad that no puppies were injured in the making of this report. The puppy, unslammed:
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    Show pictures of your tent(s) on a canoe trip

    Paddling Pitt - Rebesca Lake is about 160 miles north of Yellowknife at 64 deg 33' N, 116 deg 24' W. It is on one of the two traditional canoe routes connecting the Gameti / Rae Lake area with the headwaters of the Emile RIver and the barrens around Mesa Lake. Bothwell - I have not tried the...
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    Show pictures of your tent(s) on a canoe trip

    Three tents that have served me well. Moss Stardome 2 (maybe familiar from Paddling Pitt's posts?), Calder River NWT 2005. Very strong, great fabric, better features (2 doors, zip out roof vent) than the MSR Fury which succeeded it. A bit heavy for a solo. Hilleberg Nallo 2, north of Sled...
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    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    Two of my favourite canoe vehicles. At the end of a trip, the canoe has been transferred to the 2015 Subaru Crosstrek from the 1979 Cessna 185-F. Aircraft are very lightweight. The Cessna, with me, the pilot, my gear, 400 miles of fuel and the canoe on board weighed almost exactly what the...
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    Lighten it up with some fun pics

    Tazin River, NT
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    What are you reading?

    I agree with Alan about "Letters from the Barren Lands". It's a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the Hornby saga. The editor, Carsten Iwers, is a veteran Arctic paddler. His website,, is well worth a visit for some exceptional photography. ​​​​​​​wjmc
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    Thelon River, Northwest Territories & Nunavut (1993)

    Another enjoyable report. Regarding your experience with the final rapids above Baker Lake, I checked the flow data. In August 1993, the Thelon at the outflow of Schultz Lake had an average flow of 1820 m3/sec - just over 62,000 cfs in US units - the highest average flow for August over the...
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    Churchill River Country - Saskatchewan

    Yes, thanks for the videos. I was actually not that far away from you, as I paddled a route east of McLennan lake from September 10 - 17, 2018. I can confirm the inclement weather, one of the coldest and wettest Septembers I have experienced up there. My feet appreciated the rubber boots! -wjmc
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    Churchill River Country - Saskatchewan

    Yes, a very nice video. I paddled that six portages route some years ago, before the burns. Those historic canoe route pamphlets are gone from the Saskatchewan Government web site, but Ric Driediger of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters in Missinipe has preserved them on his web site...