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  1. Iskweo

    Emergency Heat Source

    The best item would be a reliable tripping partner, but lets say you are solo. Next most important is the ability to make good decisions and not second guess them. This keeps you out of a lot of the ugly situations in the first place. Assuming you did all this and shit got real anyways, I would...
  2. Iskweo

    Clinch Nail lengths...

    We use mostly brass ones although I have seen a lot of the larger ones made of copper. I would suggest that you need about 1/3 of the nail sticking through the work piece so that it will turn on itself and curl back over. They tend to ball up rather than form a precise U shape as you might...
  3. Iskweo

    Boat cover fabric options?

    possibly one of those temporary garages with a tarp over frame construction. Maybe even build one yourself with a wood frame.
  4. Iskweo

    Wannigan or storage box?

    Wannigans and such are more of a large group a canoe brigade...where you have lots of hands to share the loads. They were never intended for solo travel. Karin made one to fit her Swift that was insulated to be a cooler. It worked well for short trips but was a bugger to carry...
  5. Iskweo

    It's going away

    I still have the drive for a lot of things but not the ability any more. Worse still, my partners in crime are not able to go with me. We are still chipping away at boats, I even had to turn down an offer of doing overflow work for a local builder as I cant do regular hours and have waaaaaaay...
  6. Iskweo

    Wood Canvas Canoe Identification help

    Yes...I was thinking of them, I just couldnt remember the company name.
  7. Iskweo

    Wood Canvas Canoe Identification help

    Very distinctive decks with the hard crown on them, the cleats for seat hangers, and the really narrow ribs suggest a local builder who incorporated features of different designs. Pretty sweet boat BTW.
  8. Iskweo

    Gunnel plug

    we usually just put a dowel in
  9. Iskweo

    Controlling Shop Dust?

    I have been using a two bucket dust extractor that I got a design for off You tube. It works pretty good and does let you accumulate a bit more before it starts bleeding over to the shopvac which allows you to go farther between emptying it. It was a really easy build and I mostly used stuff I...
  10. Iskweo

    Needs a little TLC

    There are thousands of these old glass boats all over Canada. Most of them are terribly abused but repairable. Sadly a lot of them are repaired by the unskilled. These are actually better boats than the plastic garbage Pelicans and Colemans that fill the garbage dumps, some actually having...
  11. Iskweo

    Is Canoe Trolling REALLY Trolling?

    I just use a cheapie 6 ft rod and 6-8 lb line. I lay it against the rail with the tip up and hook my other leg over the butt of the rod. Gives me enough room to dip the paddle and I dont loose the rod on a snag that way. Hopefully. It might be nice to have a rod holder though.
  12. Iskweo

    What Do You Troll?

    Fishing here is so easy its ridiculous. You slap the heaviest chunk of cable on that you can find for a leader...nothing up here cares. Snap on a yellow jig head and some kind of twister tail then heave that whole mess in the water and drag it back in. The only other thing you need is a...
  13. Iskweo

    School me on carbon Fibre paddles

    Have you tried wilderness supply in wpg? They sell Raven paddles.
  14. Iskweo

    Backwards Prospector Expectations could sell speedos with the fleur de lis on them. As for using a double blade on a deep canoe like this one, I have tried it and you either have to sit high up at the gunwales with a very long (280) double blade or you sit where you normally do and change your technique from a...
  15. Iskweo

    Stoves for the backcountry.

    I am with you on the soot covered pans...I can really do without that. No matter how much you clean them, they get black all over everything, mostly me.
  16. Iskweo

    Stoves for the backcountry.

    I have taken to using one of those little propane burners that screw onto the top of a one lb tank. Quick and easy in the morning or for coffee on the trail. Lights every time and you can control the heat easily. Packing the tanks in and out is a bit inconvenient but there is no mess or...
  17. Iskweo

    Thus build the Raven, evermore

    I built a dust extractor for the shop vac out of 5 gallon pails and some ABS pipe. It works really good for sanding boats and drywall and any dusty work. Keeps the shop vac filter much cleaner. It helps if you go large and then step the hoses down a bit...
  18. Iskweo

    Ever see a 10 piece canoe?
  19. Iskweo

    Canoes you wish you had back

    I regretted selling my 15 foot Huron before it even left the driveway, but needed the money so off it went. The part that kills me is they didnt like it and I have no idea where it ended up or if it is being taken care of. It could be bookshelves for all I know. The other was an 18 foot...
  20. Iskweo

    Thus build the Raven, evermore

    Thats a pretty small hole....I would do the thickened epoxy too