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    Trip report on Noatak/Colville Rivers in Gates of the Arctic NP and National Petroleum Reserve?

    By paddling 330 miles, more or less, on the Noatak, from Ivahuna Creek to the mouth of the Kugururok River, catching a shuttle flight north over the Brooks Range to the mouth of Amo Creek on the Colville River then floating roughly 340 miles of the Colville down to Umiat. Monel
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    What are you reading?

    Ordinary Wolves by Seth Kantner This novel reads like a biography and immerses you in a world that few have experienced; growing up in an Inupiaq bush village in Alaska. Not a romanticized vision, but the gritty truth of it. I call it a chewy book because i read a chapter or two and then have...
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    Back-paddling in rapids or around a bend

    I use this technique all the time. It is just another useful tool in your quiver of strokes. I regulary encounter strainers on the outside bend. Sometimes I will set via backstroking and make my way around the bend as so adeptly described in this post. Sometimes I will float with the current...
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    Trip report on Noatak/Colville Rivers in Gates of the Arctic NP and National Petroleum Reserve?

    The reason I ask is that I paddled an inflatable kayak, not a canoe. There was one Grabner inflatable canoe, several IK's and, believe it or not, a Feathercraft tandem folding sea kayak. Would a trip report on this 6 week 700+ mile trip be welcome? Best, Monel
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    solo tent with roomy vestibule?

    Check out the Hilleberg GT tunnel tents. Not freestanding but quite easy to pitch. How tall you are and what conditions you anticpiate matter a lot in tent selection. Hilleberg has a superb selection from Yellow Label (lightest and fly does not extend 100% of the way to the ground) to Black...
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    The first canoe you ever PADDLED and the circumstances

    I would have been 8 years old at the YMCA Camp Douglass somewhere in central Michigan, 1970, on a lake of course, with a wooden dock and frogs to chase. The boat was an aluminum Grumman, no idea how long it was. Situation was a race .... first time ever for me in a canoe, and I was racing, along...
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    Poll: How old were you when you got YOUR OWN first canoe (and what was it)?

    I was 17 back in 1979 and my first canoe was Bart Hauthaway's largest, the Allagash tandem, that I paddled solo with a single blade - stern first while seated on the wrong side of the bow seat. I grew up outside of Chicago, Oak Park, reading the old Herter's Catalog and Outdoor Life, dreaming...
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    Tangle Lakes - Delta River - Alaska Canoe Route - Day 2

    The prusik and biner you can see is part of the ratio compounding. We did have a capture pulley, but it is out of sight behind me and not visible in the photo. Monel
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    Show pictures of your tent(s) on a canoe trip

    Slow on the draw here. Been dreaming of open water so sure, here are some tent pics. Hilleberg on the Tatsenshini. Cheated a bit .... floated there in a raft. Tarped because it is a temperate rainforest. My go-to Bearpaw Pyramid on the Delta. Roomy, bomber, light weight. Serenity Shelter...
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    On Craigslist W/C Canoe

    A helpful tip when posting about a Craiglist ad. Please copy the text and photos into your actual post on this forum. It is so frustrating to click on the link and see the craigslist post is gone, which is pretty much inevitable. If it is worth linking to it is worth copying the photos to this...
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    How about some swim stories/photos

    What is the Steve Thomas Rope Trick? Is this where you feed the rope over the top gunnel, around the bottom and then tie it off to a submerged thwart, in order to turn the boat over (thereby dumping water out) while loading the z-drag? If that is what you mean, then yes, we did, and it would...
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    How about some swim stories/photos

    I wrote this up in a trip report here: A swim happened, this is the rescue of the wrapped boat: A Z-Drag kit is a very good thing to have on a remote river. Monel p.s. I'm re-learning how to insert photos the way I like them, resulting...
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    Sweet Composites

    Sweet Composites also sells Dynel sleeve which is great for adding skid plates, light weight and very abrasion resistant. The sleeve lets you use a double layer and have no cut edges that might fray during epoxying.
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    Yukon maps

    It didn't take long to track down the Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club which is selling a booklet of the map set for $30. Something about a limited edition of 100 .... Looks like you can also buy larger prints of individual rivers to hang on your wall if you'd like. I'm sure...
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    Tangle Lakes - Delta River - Alaska Canoe Route - Day 3

    I didn't see a Winter Trekker on this site. If you mean the Youtube Winter Trekker, then, no. I can see a resemblance but that is not him. Monel
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    Tangle Lakes - Delta River - Alaska Canoe Route - Day 2

    At that water level you'd need full body armor and a face guard if you value your teeth!
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    Tangle Lakes - Delta River - Alaska Canoe Route - Day 3

    Yellowcanoe, Yes, that is the trip and the put-in is at the BLM Campground. There is a large boat ramp there. The take out took a little bit of hunting to track down. You need to find the Richardson Highway milepost and then look for a gravel drive off the highway that turns into a gravel...
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    New favorite knife!

    I invariably bring my EDC folder, one of two Gomboy folding saws, and one of two hatchets, depending how big the logs and fire I anticipate, as well as how long the portages may be as the larger hatchet is a fine splitter but is a bit of a beast. Set up for big split log bonfires and lotsa...
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    Bolstering Lining Holes

    I've always drilled a slightly oversized hole through the hull, fit a short length of PVC pipe through the hole and epoxied it in place, both inside and out, with epoxy putty, the two part stuff that comes out looking like grey silly putty but sets up rock solid. I fillet the putty into a...