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    give um a good shellacing

    Anyone shellac the bottom of their canoes, what pound cut & can you go over existing paint.
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    bill mason stove

    While up in Maine last week I came across two well traveled fellows who were cooking on a fire box as illustrated in Mason's "Song of the Paddle". They had two sizes and said they were still available & swore by them, but I cannot find the source online . Anyone have a lead on these ?
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    question ? how to measure a canoe?

    I have an unidentified w/c canoe. In describing it to someone where are measurments taken from overall ? The bow & stern ends of the gunnels or the furthermost distance at the stembands ? Is the width at the inwales or outwales or tumblehome and the depth to the ribs or planking ?
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    lobster lake to chesuncook

    Anyone been on this trip previously, I have a few days in early october & will canoe this with a few friends. How long did you spend there & how is the west penobscot ?
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    canoe fishing gear

    Any fly fishers here. what type of gear do you carry on your trips. Do you fish drys or wets. what length of rod do you carry?
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    the best pack basket

    I currently own three pack baskets, one old LL. Bean similar to those made by the current Maine pack basket co., A current Pete Ricard & a custom made Adirondack style made for me by Baskets by Dot of maine ( so beautiful I'm afraid to use it.) All maid in different styles & materials. I do...
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    dead river rough cut

    anyone here fans of this film, great video about maine backwoosmen in the raw , remindes me of the series " the one eyed poacher & the maine woods" by Edmund Ware Smith in the fiftys.
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    catalytic heaters

    Anyone ever use a coleman liquid fuel catalytic heater in a canvas tent. I've read about the dangers but what purpose were they for then?
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    anchoring a canoe

    any insight on anchoring a canoe for fishing. say on a river as opposed to a lake. any special gear or techniques.
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    affordable baker tent

    Yakima tent makes a quality canvas baker tent at a reasonable cost & beckel canvas makes a whelan in both canvas and nylon at a good price.
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    suggestions !

    Here are some books that I hold near & dear : The Forest Stewart Edward White The Birch Bark Books Of Henry Abbott Canoeing with the Cree Eric Sevareid Trails of Enchantment Paul Brandreth Any book by Edmund Ware Smith
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    ambroid cement

    Anyone have any sources or a good substitute?
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    first aid kit

    what do you carry . any suggestions?
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    greetings from endless mountains pennsylvania

    Been canoe tripping for quite awhile but recently found the forum. Have gone thru aluminum,fiberglass roylex but recently acquired two canvas cedar canoes.Love the traditional gear (have a baker tent & a whelan, a few packbaskets ect. ect.). Recently retired but in that middle age ( too young...