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  1. DanOver

    Tick removal

    Tick key or the tines of my titanium spork in a pinch,
  2. DanOver

    Poll: What do you sleep on mostly when canoe camping?

    The Exped has an internal easily used pump that you push on. It has down in the baffles that keeps you warm in cold weather, I used it on work trips lying on the aluminum floor of C5 and C17 aircraft as well as camping on the ground. It’s been bomb proof and comfy.
  3. DanOver

    Poll: What do you sleep on mostly when canoe camping?

    Exped downmat 7
  4. DanOver

    Photo of the day

    Waiting for spring. But it’s not a bad way to wait…. view of Pikes Peak from the house.
  5. DanOver

    Source for wool coats on the cheap

    does anyone have experience with the wool Boreal Anoraks? The prices I see on line seem a little too good to be true…
  6. DanOver

    Source for wool coats on the cheap

    Mike, what size is that Baracuta coat?……..
  7. DanOver

    Poll: How Whitewater Skilled are You in an Open Canoe?

    i had run class 1&2 in my OT Pack and larger tandems before I decided to mess with 3+ this summer. Did fine in the pack ( swam once in a 3+). Tried a used WW boat with big rocker and saddle. i found the saddle uncomfortable, but once I got used to how responsive the WW was, I had an easier...
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    Poll: How old were you when you got YOUR OWN first canoe (and what was it)?

    1978- Coleman 15’ RamX canoe. Did things on the Delaware I had no business doing…
  9. DanOver

    an incident that could have ended much worse

    New boat. That tips easily. Cold water. Paddling alone. Cell phone in a case that you cant use through the plastic. No dry suit or wetsuit. = Cascade of events. Glad he’s ok, and props for sharing his story even as it must be embarrassing To some extent. # public Service
  10. DanOver

    Quick foods for recovery when running on empty?

    Norwegian pancake with a slice of thick cut bacon on the middle. You can wrap it in foil and warm it by a fire if you like. Norwegian pancakes are made with butter, milk, sugar, egg, vanilla and just enough flour to hold that together, they are soft and flat like a crepe. With that thick...
  11. DanOver

    Anyone got some Chaga?

    I’ve gone through almost all of the chaga a member was so generous to send me a few years ago. Down to the last of the tincture I made. If anyone has some chaga to send me I will be happy to trade needed items and/or pay for shipping. I should be tying some interesting flies this winter with...
  12. DanOver

    Large Game - Managing meat condition during warmer temperatures.

    Am I missing something? How big are these deer? It seems a large cooler with some frozen water bottles should hold the quarters, back straps, neck and any flank you cut. Eat the tenderloins in the field. I would put a 6 pack cooler filled with water in the deep freeze and when frozen, put...
  13. DanOver

    The forgotten item

    Pee bottle for the tent on a downpouring night…..sigh. A Nalgene was sacrificed. I was pissed off, but better than being pissed on.
  14. DanOver

    It's going away

    Seasons. We have seasons in our lives. Some longer than others. In my teens through my 20s I was fearless - almost foolhardy at times. Fought full contact Escrima, was a paratrooper, would ride 600 miles on my motorcycle in a night to go see my girl. In my late 20s I went into law...
  15. DanOver

    ​What to do with the vehicle parked on a long trip?

    Yep. You want to “devalue” the vehicle in a thief’s eyes. If I leave the Subaru at a trail head, I will leave old janky jumper cables and an empty bottle of transmission fluid on the passenger floor in plain view. That eliminates it as a great vehicle to steal. It’s usually dusty and grimy...
  16. DanOver

    Quality Fishing Knife

    BLACKFLY - The Helle blade holds up great and stays sharp as long as you use it for filleting and food prep. Once again, it’s stiffer than the average, but so are most Norwegians LOL.? Here’s a photo of a 7 inch blade that I put a cork rod handle on 10 years ago. It’s been part of my chuck...
  17. DanOver

    Quality Fishing Knife

    Low angle, the Norwegians tend to make a thicker, less flexible filet knife. Just their thing.
  18. DanOver

    GStove opinions?

    Thanks Mem! Based on this, I think I’m in.