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  1. Chip

    Canoe trip across Central Park New York City

    The photos with the article show trees without much foliage, which undoubtedly allowed moon and city lights to somewhat illuminate the ponds. I had severe moonlight mania for a few years and regularly did full moon outings. One summer full moon i canoed the GW canal, an easy CII run. I could...
  2. Chip

    Canoe trip across Central Park New York City

    Cool article. Thanks for posting. Reminds me of the time I smuggled a canoe onto to Jefferson Memorial’s Tidal Basin. Across a fence and lowering the canoe down a 5’ retaining wall to the water. It was after hours and felt bandit, even though there is a concession that rents paddle wheelers...
  3. Chip

    Dreamboat Rebuild Rebuild

    Mike, it was Virginia Whitewater author Roger Corbett that paddled Intrepids until he “wore the bottoms off.” The Chapelle family regularly participated in Corbett-organized trips, so it is possible he passed a canoe to them. Unrelated story: I met Sheila Chapelle on a Corbett-organized trip on...
  4. Chip

    Wenonah vs tree repair

    McCrae well remebers the (wrong) aluminum gunwales Mad River sent me for the Fantasy. MR shipped them to a local canoe shop with a load of their canoes, and I imagine Wenonah will do the same. The shipping was free. I ordered through the local shop (Springriver, now defunct). I don’t think...
  5. Chip

    RIP J-Stroke: ACA No Longer Teaches the J-Stroke (EDIT: Or Does It?)

    I can think of two possible reasons for not focusing on the J. One reason newbies gravitate to kayaks is because kayaking is much easier at the start. It takes 15 minutes to get somebody to turn or paddle straight in a kayak. Perhaps ACA is simplifying for newbies In canoes to get them to a...
  6. Chip

    ​Patching (and inspecting) dry bags

    I think you got the right glue for the job, and I wouldnt worry about that hollow spot. When I was glueing straps to dry bag, I only glued a 1”band around the edge, and the bond held fine, despite a substantial unglue area in the center. Good luck And happy gluing...
  7. Chip

    Definitely not another Explorer!

    looks good and the wrinkle came out of the deck plate very well.
  8. Chip

    Definitely not another Explorer!

    Sounds like you went factory spec with thwart and seat width. I heard changing the width changes the rocker. I also heard Discos are the same hull shape as Trippers. I love the ability of the Tripper to turn when on edge and go straight when level—I wouldn’t want to change that, so I hope you...
  9. Chip

    The Millinocket Carry, Northern Maine

    Interesting trip and great documentation! Loved the linkage of map and photos on arc site. Well done!
  10. Chip

    My first wanigan experience

    True about the AP shape. All the store-bought tubs have tapered sides so they can be nested during shipment, and those tapers mean wasted space. I’ve never portaged an AP box. In the BWCA, I left it behind and used dry bags. Not sure I’d want to portage a wannigan either, but fitted with straps...
  11. Chip

    My first wanigan experience

    I know wannigans are honored traditional gear. Please don’t jump all over me for asking, but what makes a wannigan different from the Rubbermaid Action Packer box I’ve been using? Functionally, both seem to be boxes. What am I missing?
  12. Chip

    Camping in the rain

    how long does the good tarp over you last with a fire by you? I’ve never had the nerve to put a fire under the tarp. How’s this work? I did read about using two tarps set in opposing lean-to configuration ( /\ ) with a vertical gap at the top. Seems logical enough, but sparks fly and I’d want...
  13. Chip


    Agree with Pete on the lists. At least they provide some information. And I think he makes a really good point about speed to access. A system that provides perfect protection is useless if you can't get to the camera quickly when the photo you want pops up in front of you.
  14. Chip


    I’m shopping for dry bags at the moment and just read a “best of” article in Paddler magazine, on line. One never knows what bias the authors may have, especially in an organization supported by advertising, but I noted they wrote about their #6 choice, a Watershed, it’s the dry bag of choice...
  15. Chip

    ​Patching (and inspecting) dry bags

    After bicycling in the rain with my dry stuff in a 20L Sea to Summit, my dry stuff wasn’t dry at all. I thought time to stick my head in the bag and look for pin holes. I shook the sand out and inserted my head, but didn’t see any holes. I moved on to the sink and filled the bag with water...
  16. Chip

    Canoe tripping cat?

    I remember reading of a Mississippi through paddler who had a cat along. Searched but failed to find it. Did find another story indicating it can be done. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2256715.Down_the_Mississippi_with_Stinky I think the key will be to get the cat used to traveling, and...
  17. Chip

    Open Canoeing Waterfalls: The World Record Progression

    I was about 1 for 10 running small water falls. Ran the 5' falls on Muddy Creek 3 or 4 times and ended up swimming every time. The other times were on Baltimore's Jones Falls. There is a six-footer called "the Flume," which I never managed to run and stay upright, and at the take out there is...
  18. Chip

    Defacing money vs Fender Washer

    Stainless fender washers priced at $0.99 came to $1.04 at my local hardware store. So, my question is, should I just drill a hole in a quarter and substitute those for fender washers? I could get four for the price of one washer. Is it a crime to deface money?
  19. Chip

    Sizing on fiberglass cloth – age?

    I never heard of fiberglass sizing, so I looked it up. Turns out, it’s a thick patch of weeds Into which Mike invites us. https://www.compositesworld.com/articles/sizing-up-fiber-sizings what I got out of it is that there are many formulations of sizing, and the sizing needs to agree with the...
  20. Chip

    Owning a canoe while living in a city, apartment, condo or high-rise

    Sorry, I don't have much useful to add, only a quip from guidebook author Roger Corbett that I found amusing. When I knew him, Corbett lived in a suburban townhouse with no place to store his Mohawk Intrepid, so it lived permanently on his van. I once asked him if he was concerned about UV...