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  1. Cruiser

    SkilSaw Method for Strip Cutting ... a primer

    Jim Dodd suggested I write up something on making strips with the "Skilsaw Method" .... this will be that something, hopefully useful to some. I first saw this method in a post by Jim Dodd (he doesn't claim credit for it, just passes it along), on the BearMountain builders forum, I had just...
  2. Cruiser

    Some New Composite Paddles for 2020

    After every canoe build there seems to be a "need" to build a few paddles, that has held true for the last 4 canoes for me and this time is no different. On the agenda was 3 twins and 2 singles .... 2 of the the twins are for friends and one for me, the singles are sorta for me, as I have been...
  3. Cruiser

    Light Weight Solo Tripper Build

    This will be a somewhat ambitious build ( at least for me), the design will be a 15' solo cedar strip with a max weight of 30 pounds and still be tripping tough. I also want to take a hand in the design portion and I don't intend to resort to one of the standard CAD programs as they are just a...
  4. Cruiser

    How do you preserve your finishes

    After opening finishing products like varnish, I find the can starts to "skin" and just gets worse as it gets lower .... end result is usually a lot of wasted varnish. These cans aren't cheap, so 2 years ago I transferred the last 1/4 of a Epiphanes quart to a finish storage bags, as a test. I...
  5. Cruiser

    Couple new paddles for 2019

    Finished up a set of paddles, one for me, a pair for a charity auction. They are all cedar shafts and blades with walnut handles, the blades are reinenforced with 2 oz FG and epoxy .... they are light and strong. This one is for me, I had an idea and I like the results. A pair of this style...
  6. Cruiser

    Freedom Solo 16'

    My first canoe was a Freedom Solo and I really love this boat for tripping. I toyed with the idea of selecting a different solo for this build, in the end the decision was to build a modified version and incorporate some of the "stuff" I have learned since that build. So I am officially...