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  1. Seeker

    Ed's Canoe Parts

    Just wanted to plug a small shop, "Ed's Canoe Parts". I heard about him here, years ago I'm sure, and recently ordered an ash thwart from him. It came fast, and I'm pleased with it. Came pre-finished, which was unexpected... I'd have stained it before installation, but I like the 'white'...
  2. Seeker

    Which portage cart?

    I took a trip to Low's last fall, and my wife went along on her first ever trip. She kinda pooped out halfway through the carry over Low's Upper Dam. To shorten a much longer story, I was told to get a portage cart. So, it's time to order one. I occasionally pay attention when people discuss...
  3. Seeker

    Bog River/Low's Aug '13

    Hey all. Took a trip up to the Bog River and Low's a couple weeks ago. Rained Wed, Th, and Friday, and I had a great Sat/Sunday. Learned a lot about myself and my gear. This is my 2nd trip with my 'new' 1950 Old Town Yankee, and my first (and last) solo trip with it. At 74#, it is entirely...
  4. Seeker

    Pink Chair

    I recently saw something on a vendor's Facebook page about the Pink Chair finally falling through the ice on Saranac. I asked about it there, but my comment was evidently deleted (too dumb? I don't know.) But could someone enlighten me as to the significance of the custom? Thanks!
  5. Seeker

    1950 Old Town Yankee 16' Canoe

    posted this same thing earlier, over on another site: Mwaahahahaha! It is finally mine! I am a huge wood/canvas canoe fan. For years, I have had to borrow one from my uncle (a 1944 OT 15' canoe), and absolutely loved every minute of paddling it. I built my own 'stitch and glue' canoe, and have...
  6. Seeker

    Lila Traverse question.

    I'm starting to pull together a couple ideas for this summer's pilgrimage to the 'Dacks, and am considering the Whitney Loop/Lila Traverse. A couple years ago, there was some sort of lawsuit going through the NYS court system involving the legality of paddling from Lilypad Pond to Mud Pond, and...