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  1. Mihun09

    Grizzly bears in Manitoba

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    Kite build

    Christine has begun to build a new stripper and I shall share photos as I can. I may or may not be assisting with this build and she is no longer on this site. She is tracing out forms on plywood, this whole build could take some time but since we have a couple hundred feet of snow thaw is a...
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    Not technically canoes but still historic

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    Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is Closed due to fires

    So it doesn't really matter the border is still closed. Red areas are burning.
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    Next choppergun canoe

    So since Christine is almost finished with the green choppergun boat I felt the need to do the next one. I will have to wait until after my upcoming 3 week vacation but here you can see what I have to work with. Christine will be working on finishing the wood and canvas project she started last...
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    For when you are tired of paddling but still have miles to go...

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    History of the De Havilland Beaver

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    They had a 20 foot camper trailer, they could have put it on the roof

    Sorry for the fuzzy picture, the family was watching me take the photo. Name that boat, or future shelving.
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    Spring has Sprung!

    Happy first day of Spring. We'll be paddling in the fields soon enough.
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    From Tree to Canoe

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    Wanted. Broken GoPro's for parts.

    I specifically need a Hero 4 Black but will purchase or take any that you have no further need for. Will pay for shipping as well to Canada. Thank you Karin
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    Cross Country Canoe Trip

    I stumbled across this in the Winnipeg news and thought perhaps people here may like it. https://www.bywaybabes.com/
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    Needs a little TLC

    We left the Tremblay at our friends camp and brought home her old canoe for some TLC. Chopper Gun fibreglass. It has been used hard and put away wet a few times but it will help me hone my glass working skills a bit. No rush on this one, we have a year or so. Don't mind the duct tape, needed...
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    Rain please!

    Can someone please send us some rain! April was the driest in 30 years. Still have snow in shady spots and much ice, but the fires have begun. No rain in the forecast for another week. Back country travel and fire bans in place already. Thank you
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    Christmas Canoe Gifts

    I got one gift but for me it is the best one ever. It came from Rollin Thurlow in Maine. It is a set of plans for the 17 foot B.N. Morris, circa 1908. These could produce a boat identical to the Morris we have out in the boathouse, since it's vintage was between 1905 and 1909. There are 8...
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    Rosy Dawn

    This is a customers boat in for repair. It would be the second customer ever. Apparently there is a hole in the glass somewhere, we have yet to find it, but most likely on the outside somewhere. It had some serious water penetration and even after being in the boat house for a couple of months...
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    15 ft Bastien Bros WC Canoe FS

    I have a restored 15 foot Bastien Bros cedar canvas canoe for sale. It is currently set up as a solo boat but we have the original rear seat also. We repaired some ribs and planking, replaced the decks,stems and outer gunwales. New canvas was done with traditional filler, and painted yellow...
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    A hot dry summer means...

    Many, many fires. Today in Manitoba there are 161 wildfires active. In NW Ontario there are 151 active including 2 in WCPP. It is one of those years.
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    Go Pro

    Ok, so, I bought a Go Pro 4 Black on E-bay last night. Up here they wanted $550 for the Hero 5 and the reviews weren't the greatest and most suggested getting a 4 if you could find them. Local sports store had them on sale for $399 but they all sold out in 2 days. So I resorted to E-Bay Canada...
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    No Pain, No Gain

    The Maskwa River. Maskwa means Bear in Cree, but for this weekend it meant Bear-ly any Water. We got away around 9:30 Friday morning under patchy cloud with a forecast of 30% chance of rain Friday, 60% rain and thunderstorms for Saturday. It did drizzle a bit on the way to the Maskwa Project...