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  1. dogbrain

    Big kevlar canoe repairs and new (to me) bias cut peel ply

    After a short cold snap here in Montana, I finally started repairs on an old Wenonah Minn 4 that has been in service on the Missouri River for 20+ years. Perhaps this barge has carried some of your gear if you've ever done a guided trip through the breaks? Over the years this wonderful boat has...
  2. dogbrain

    Wolves vs. Elk in Yellowstone

    Saw this unfold near our campsite last month.
  3. dogbrain

    Wenonah Kevlar skin coat repair/refurbish advice?

    I'm curious if anybody has made significant repairs to a Wenonah skin coat kevlar boat, but mostly curious about long-term results? I am doing repairs of over a dozen of these canoes this winter. They have been literally ridden hard and put away wet for a number of years, with some much worse...
  4. dogbrain

    Boat cover fabric options?

    Help! I have run out of room for storing wood boats inside. I know I don't need them all and plan to get rid of some, but having them outside in the sun and rain is unsustainable. The Montana sun is brutal on boats. I have a canoe rack and a 4-place canoe trailer, so a tarp is probably what I'm...
  5. dogbrain

    Sanding the inside

    I built 3 canoes this winter and got really frustrated with hand sanding the inside bilge area so I came up with this solution. I won’t take credit for it since I probably saw it here at canoetripping in the past, so take this as my update or a reminder to a tried and true method. Warning, this...
  6. dogbrain

    Quetico 11 day solo trip video

    I did an 11 day trip to Quetico Provincial Park in northern Ontario for a solo canoe trip in 2016. This trip was on the heels of another longer trip south of the border, so I decided to take it somewhat easy, not travelling too far each day. I paddled a figure 8 loop starting at Stanton Bay on...
  7. dogbrain

    Wabakimi 15 day solo trip video

    Here's part 1 of a 6 part video series of a 15 day solo trip I made to Wabakimi in 2017. Plenty of fish, weather, lakes, streams and a cedar strip canoe. What more can you ask for. Enjoy! Mark
  8. dogbrain

    Seat setup weight

    I recently changed out gunwales and seat in an effort to reduce the weight of my kite. Going back a few years, I ripped out the pedestal seat I had originally installed in my Kite and installed a contour ash seat I made and hung it from the gunwales. The original seat is from a Carbon Wenonah...
  9. dogbrain

    Yellowstone River - Three Kruger Canoes

    Just a quick video from an afternoon trip we did close to home on the Yellowstone River. This section is downstream from Big Timber. Nothing too exciting, unless you enjoy seeing Kruger style canoes on the water. We have my strip built Sea Wind, a real Kruger Sea Wind, and a Kruger designed Mad...
  10. dogbrain

    Missouri River Headwaters Trip 2020 - Montana

    I got out for an overnight paddle week before last and finally got around to editing a short video. I started the trip on the Madison River, near Three Forks, Montana at a put in under the interstate 90 bridge. Rivers around here had just started to come up a little from winter low flow. On the...
  11. dogbrain

    Rain Jacket - Inside or Out?

    I've gone back and forth on this for a number of years, but I finally came to the conclusion that I like to wear my rain jacket on the outside of my pfd. I like keeping the pfd dry since I have a bunch of stuff in the pockets, but I also think the jacket works better, ie. is able to breath and...
  12. dogbrain

    Weight Loss Program

    I built a John Winters Kite a few years ago and decided a while ago that it needed a little more updating. Being my first build, I went a bit overboard and added an inch or so to the height of the hull and like most rookies, way overbuilt the gunwales. Here's a link to the original build thread...
  13. dogbrain

    Churchill River Country - Saskatchewan

    I finally took the time to put together one of my trip videos, or I should say, part 1 of this particular trip video. I have a big backlog of other trips, so if I can find the time maybe this will be the start of a series. I have always thought about driving straight north from Montana to check...
  14. dogbrain

    Canoe / fur trade related video

    This is pretty good. It might seem like it's not the right video at first, but keep watching.
  15. dogbrain

    Kruger / Monarch style seat risers

    I'm separating this from my build thread since it may be of interest to those building non decked canoes. As I said in the Kruger build thread, I'd like to stick close to Verlen Krugers design in building my boat, so that means I'll build seat risers the same as found in a Sea Wind or Mad River...
  16. dogbrain

    Decked Kruger Seawind style build

    I started working towards my next canoe build a little over a month ago and am just getting around to share a few of the details. Thanks to Deerfly and his documented build from last year I decided on the JEM Northwind as my next canoe build. The Northwind is essentially a strip version of...
  17. dogbrain

    2016 Ed. Canoecraft Plans North Canoe

    Does anybody have the newest edition of canoecraft? Should be 2016. I'm wondering specifically if there is a plan in that edition for a North canoe, 25 - 28 foot length. I saw a reference online that gives that impression. I had an inquiry about building such a beast, something approximately 24'...
  18. dogbrain

    Which Kevlar fabric?

    Hi All – I have a question for all of you who have used kevlar fabric in a build. I bought plans for my next build which will be a JEM Northwind, aka Kruger Seawind just like Deerfly built last year. A good friend has a Kruger and I'm convinced. I’m taking advantage of some of the things Deerfly...
  19. dogbrain

    Fiberglass inside stems

    My last 2 canoe builds have been stemless and I haven’t tried fiberglassing that sharp turn inside the stems. On my latest Pal I did thicken some epoxy and try to do a fillet to round out that area thinking that would make it Easier to fit a bias cut strip in there. The fillet turned out to be a...
  20. dogbrain

    Northern Ontario W/C, but who made it?

    I posted some pictures on the WCHA forum of a canoe I picked up last week. Supposedly it came from somewhere in northern Ontario, but has no markings. It has some things in common with a Langford from the 60's, but I think the decks don't quite match. It certainly isn't a Lakefield regardless of...